Why is My 1xBet Account Restricted?

1xBet Restricted My Account!
1xBet Restricted My Account!

Online bookmakers and casinos have a lot of control over the people they allow on their platforms, as with any private business, including the right to limit or refuse service. People often think of their profiles and accounts as private property, but that is not the case. Even when you sign up for a social media site like Facebook, you agree to the terms and conditions of participation before the signup process is complete.

1xBet is no different. When you decide to create an account on this site for your betting needs, you agree to abide by their terms and conditions. If your actions or behaviours fall outside of the scope of that agreement, one of the actions that the platform can take is to limit your future access to it.

Online betting sites earn business by having a sterling reputation. When players break the rules, act unethically, or even attempt to cheat, 1xBet can decide to restrict the accounts of those involved.

Account limitation is a common complaint about those who use 1xBet regularly. Here are the steps you can take to manage the situation if it occurs. Even if you follow the information in this guide to the letter, there is no guarantee that 1xBet will reverse its decision.

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What Is the History of 1xBet?

1xBet provides bookmaker services and online gambling under a Curacao e-gaming license. The company was founded in 2007 under 1x Corp N.V. to offer wagering services. In 2019, 1xBet experienced considerable growth in its platform because of its Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC sponsorships.

The website was initially founded to operate as an online casino. However, in 2014, 1xBet partnered with BookmakerPub to provide additional betting opportunities. That part of the platform operates in Nigeria, Cyprus, and Malta.

Although the company is no longer sponsoring football teams in England, they continue to have active branding in Serie A, Barcelona FC, and several African confederation teams. Additional sponsorships include WePlay Esports, ESL gaming, and MIRB.

In 2018, the company was awarded the Rising Star in Sports Betting Innovation Award at London’s SBC Awards. 1xBet was also nominated in five other categories that season. In 2020, the business was recognized as the E-Sports Operator of the year.

1xBet has received two nominations at the 201 Global Gaming Awards and was nominated in five categories at the 2022 EGR Nordics Awards. 1xBet currently serves customers in more than 130 different countries.

Does 1xBet Restrict Licenses Because of Its Bankruptcy?

A subsidiary company of the home business that operates 1xBet filed for bankruptcy, but this legal action doesn’t affect the website. Therefore, it is still available for all eligible players at this writing.

1xBet restrictions can occur if bettors or players take legal action against the company before fulfilling their other obligations. A complete overview of those circumstances is available in the platform’s terms and conditions.

When you place bets at 1xBet, the goal is for everyone to have a fun and enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, that cannot happen if people randomly lose access to their accounts. It also doesn’t happen if 1xBet doesn’t lock out people who attempt to cheat their business rules and regulations.

1xBet Restricted My Account: What Is Account Limitation on 1xBet?

Account limitation occurs when you cannot use all the features or betting capabilities found on 1xBet. When you sign up for an account on this platform, you’re requested to review the terms and conditions of the website. By agreeing to the information found on the site, even if you didn’t read them all, the legally allowed provisions in your jurisdiction remain in force.

Once an account limitation ruling is executed, your access to the platform can be severely restricted. Most people find that they cannot bet, deposit, or withdraw funds. Even if money is available for betting, logging into the account might not be possible. Some account limitations are permanent. The decision for a temporary or prolonged restriction depends on the person’s behavior, actions, and broken rules.

The best way to avoid having your account suspended on 1xBet is to follow the website’s rules. However, even when you think you are, you can still experience these limitations if you’re not. Here are the most common reasons for account limitation and restriction for bettors on 1xBet.

Bonus Offers

One of the most common reasons 1xBet restricts or bans players from their platform is how they try to get betting rewards. Each bonus offer has specific rules to follow. Many bettors want the amount shown, but specific standards and guidelines apply to each one. It’s possible to lose these funds if they’re not adequately rolled over.

If you claim a bonus, you agree to the terms and conditions of receiving it. Although these issues rarely cause complete account restriction, it could happen if a message is sent to customer service that violates the conduct clause found in the site’s terms and conditions.

Did you receive an account or monetary restriction after claiming a bonus? This issue will likely go away once you complete the offer’s terms. 1xBet closed accounts rarely occur from bonus offer violations, but it is possible if the rules are consistently broken.

  • Bonus Hunting;

Bonus hunting is a common problem for online casinos and bookmakers globally. Players want to try to claim free money, relying on these promotions to fund their accounts. As a result, platforms like 1xBet restrict access to multiple offers to ensure everyone has a fair shot at earning some cash.

Bettors that always play with bonus money without making the minimum deposit or rollover requirements typically find their accounts restricted. You can restore profile functionality by reverting to the terms and conditions of the offer you claimed unless 1xBet banned your account.

Attempting to claim bonuses by signing up for multiple accounts or misleading 1xBet about your identity can cause a permanent ban. Once someone loses access to their profile, any funds remaining in the account might not be available. Even after 1xBet closed account access, you can still contact the bookmaker’s customer service department to receive help.

Most platforms allow players and bettors to receive bonuses within a specific time or if a particular action occurs, like a first-time deposit or a holiday activity. Attempting to access these resources when you don’t qualify for them can cause 1xBet to decide to limit or restrict your account.

  • Betting Strategies;

Some people use specific betting strategies that help them maximize the opportunities to generate profits. Although the “house always wins” concept doesn’t apply to each situation, a bookmaker like 1xBet can only exist if it earns profits.

A typical betting and account use strategy that avoids account restriction or limitation involves monetary withdrawals. For example, you can only take out a specific limit each month. If you attempt to exceed that amount, access could be lost.

When bookmakers see a profitable strategy and there isn’t a way to recover the payments, it’s not unusual to have them decide to close the account. That doesn’t mean you should bet to lose some on 1xBet. Instead, the platform looks for a specific pattern that leads to profit loss.

  • Rules Observation;

Any rule violation can cause account restriction on 1xBet. Even if the event is unintentional, it’s still considered an action that qualifies for a response. If you find yourself in this situation, it might help to discuss the matter with the platform’s customer service department. The bettor’s responsibility is to know all the rules because the site has them written for review.

  • Out of Market: 1xBet Closed My Account;

Bookmaking websites have seen enormous growth over the past few years as online casinos, gambling, and sports betting has found a legal foothold. That doesn’t mean 1xBet is available to everyone who wants to place a wager. For example, if you live in the United States, you’re automatically blocked from accessing any information about the website.

Some players may attempt to use virtual private network (VPN) services to work around the blockage. Although that action allows for account creation in some circumstances, it also violates the site’s terms and conditions.

This issue is the primary cause of a 1xBet account locked problem for those outside the service area. Because local laws can dictate who is allowed to gamble and who is not, it is up to the bookmaker to ensure compliance. With a 1xBet account suspended in this way, recovery is unlikely. That includes any funds the individual deposits to place wagers.

Ways to Prevent Having a 1xBet Account Limited

Although account limitation is a common problem for accounts on 1xBet, the issue is entirely preventable in most cases. If you follow these simple tips when using the site or signing up for an account, you can avoid most of the issues that lead to temporary or permanent restrictions.

Action to Take:

Account Verification

When joining 1xBet, you’ll be asked to verify your gambling account within a specific time. If you fail to take this required action, you won’t have access to your profile. Depending on how long it is between the signup and verification process, you might need to repeat your actions to place bets on this platform.

Avoid Bonus Chasing

Place your bets usually and pursue the bonuses for which you qualify. When you claim an offer, follow its rules. The rollover options tend to have the highest restriction rates, so review each rule and expectation before pursuing it. A little extra money isn’t worth the headache that an account limitation brings.

Follow the Rules

Online bookmakers tend to be quite strict when asking people to follow the rules. It helps to take the time to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before agreeing to them. If you don’t know the regulations and say that you do, it’s on you when they’re broken – even if the action is unintentional. If you have any questions about the site’s regulations, you’ll want to seek legal advice.

Play Fairly

Everyone has a specific strategy they follow when picking winners and placing bets. 1xBet wants people to have fun, but they can’t make a profit if everyone tries to game the system. You’ll avoid many risk factors that lead to restrictions and suspensions when you play pretty.

Keep One Account

If you open a second account on 1xBet for yourself, you’re violating the terms and conditions of the site. Most people take this action to claim an attractive bonus offer more than once. Even if another person in your household is playing separately from you, some suggestions are claimable only once with the same payment option, IP address, or physical location.

Account limitation prevents people from joining, playing, depositing, or withdrawing. If you believe these actions were taken unfairly, submit your documentation to the platform for review. If the issue continues to be unresolved, you’ll need to pursue other avenues to regain access to your account.

Contact Information for 1xBet Customer Service

Did the 1xBet team issue an account limitation or restriction that you don’t feel is fair? If so, the only way to return access to your profile is to contact the platform’s customer support department.

Since account limitation actions are caused by several reasons, including when the explanation is unclear or not given, you’ll need to speak with an agent. You can also contact 1xBet customer service if you have any questions about the bonuses, bets, and available activities on the site.

Here is the information you’ll need to contact someone today:

  • Email Information: For general inquiries about your account, profile, and access, contact the customer service team at info-en@1xbet-team.com;
  • Security Problems: If you think your account was potentially hacked or someone may have accessed your information without permission, it might be necessary to speak with the site’s security department to restore your access. You can contact them by email at: security-en@1xbet-team.com;
  • Financial Issues: Some people might encounter account restrictions because of their profile’s economic activity. In that case, you might need to speak with someone in accounting. That email is accounting@1xbet-team.com.

If you don’t want to wait for a response by email, you can contact the customer service team at 1xBet by calling them at 0800 46020. The website also provides a live chat function available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Services are currently offered in more than 60 languages.

1xBet Suspended My Account: How to Work with 1xBet Customer Service

When you need to dispute the circumstances surrounding an account limitation from 1xBet, it’s essential to know how to communicate with the representative who takes your call, answers your email, or responds to your chat.

It’s tempting to display emotion because you might be angry about the restriction. But, unfortunately, when you take that anger out on the person who tries to help, you’re less likely to receive your desired results.

Here’s a roleplay dialogue interaction for you to consider before addressing your concerns with a 1xBet representative. Since most customer service interactions follow a standard procedure, you can use the example below to plan for your call or chat.

Please note that it is common for a representative to ask for personal information to verify your account. Once you’ve practiced this roleplay, you can hopefully have a successful dialogue with 1xBet to have your account restored.

1xBet Customer Service Representative: “Hello! Thank you for contacting 1xBet for your bookmaking needs. How may I be of service today?”

Account Restricted Customer: “I’m contacting you today because 1xBet locked my account.”

1xBet Customer Service Representative: “I’m sorry to hear that happened! Can you please give me your account details?”

Account Restricted Customer: “I can. Here’s my information.”

-1xBet Customer Service Representative: “Thank you for verifying your identity with me. What can I do to help you today?”

Account Restricted Customer: “I recently deposited a large amount of cash because I intended to make several wagers this weekend. When I tried to log into my account today, I was not given access to my information. I don’t think it’s fair that you can keep my money without letting me make a bet.”

1xBet Customer Service Representative: “Let me check into the problem. This might take a couple of minutes or more. Would you mind holding on while I research the problem?”

Account Restricted Customer: “Sure, I’ll hold on.”

At this point in the conversation, it’s essential for you to be patient with the representative. When you’re angry about a 1xBet account restriction, it’s not unusual for your emotional state to rise. Try to take a deep breath, wait for the agent’s response, and don’t make assumptions about why you’re being treated the way you are.

Bonuses.bet Team

1xBet Customer Service Representative: “Thank you for waiting. After looking into your account, I see two profiles associated with your IP address.”

Account Restricted Customer: “Yes. I just started placing bets this month. My spouse has been using your platform for more than a year, and I wanted to have some fun.”

1xBet Customer Service Representative: “Thank you for wanting to join our platform! Unfortunately, our terms and conditions clearly state that each IP address is allowed only one active account at a time. We did not take actions against your spouse’s account, but we did prevent access to yours.”

Account Restricted Customer: “Why did you let me deposit money if I can’t have an account?”

-1xBet Customer Service Representative: “It takes some time to verify the information when our clients provide it. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but these rules are clearly outlined in the terms and conditions you agreed to follow when signing up for the new account.”

-Account Restricted Customer: “What will happen to my money?”

-1xBet Customer Service Representative: “I’d be happy to transfer these funds to the established account so that they’re usable. You could place bets with 1xBet with your spouse initiating the wager. The only other options would be to play from a different IP address or for me to refund your money. Which resolution would you prefer?”

Please note that this dialogue is not an expected resolution from 1xBet regarding a customer service issue. Each situation is different, rules are subject to change, and agents have leeway on how they address a client’s concerns.

A Final Thought on 1xBet Account Limitations

Working with the best, most reliable platforms when you enjoy betting on sports and other activities make sense. Finding a reliable bookmaker isn’t easy in some areas, so it makes sense to sign up for an account with 1xBet.

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