Why is My Bet365 Account Restricted? How to fix it?

Why is My Bet365 Account Restricted?

In this article we’re going to explain the most common reasons why bet365 restricted your account and if there is a way to reopen it again. bet365 is one of the top betting and gambling sites worldwide, bringing in billions in revenue every single year. Millions of people use the decades-old website and its services, making the company one of the most popular choices in betting across the globe.

Why Is It That Bet365 Closed My Account?

Using one of the world’s largest betting platforms means more than just an experience utilized by millions. Instead, it means you’re likely finding yourself in a company with hundreds of thousands of users that might attempt to break the rules, or cheat the system, to make more money than they might have necessarily otherwise.

For these situations, bet365 has specialized software, terms, and conditions to immediately act against suspected cheaters or irresponsible users.

However, while these built-in responsive measures take out cheaters by the thousands daily. They might also bring you into the spotlight. Which could later result in restricting or entirely removing your account from their services.

It can be terrifying when something like this happens — almost as bad as trying to find what went wrong. After all, bet365 has a Terms & Conditions page that’s a whopping 9,000 words long.

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Why Does bet365 Restrict Accounts?

There are more than a few reasons as to why you may wake up to a bet365 account restricted. Most of them fall into a few categories:

  1. Legal reasons;
  2. Winnings;
  3. Bonuses;
  4. Account conditions;
  5. And a few more.

There are quite a few more actual reasons within these restriction categories.

bet365’s T&C list a lot that could get your account banned or restricted.

Over time, even minor infractions could build into a restriction, preventing you from withdrawing money, closing your account, winning more, collecting betting and casino bonuses, or anything of a much more extensive list.

What Does an Account Restriction Mean?

Bet365 Restricted Account

Although bet365 has a long list of restrictions and unique actions the company can take on your account.

Whether it involves restricting your stakes or rewards, locking your betting chances, or doing more, bet365 is creative when it comes to punishment.

However, bet365 does primarily use one of four consequences (with what people often search for):

  1. bet365 closing account;
  2. Limiting your bets (bet365 deposit restricted);
  3. Limiting your winnings (bet365 withdrawal restricted);
  4. Hiding betting markets (bet365 multiple options restricted).

The first one is the easiest to understand — your account is closed, and there’s likely not much you can do.

In this situation, bet365 thinks that you’re doing something seriously wrong on their program, preventing you from doing anything whatsoever. A closed account means a severe infraction, and bet365 usually reserves it for the worst issues on the platform.

That’s quite different from limiting your bets, where bet365 adds some prevention to your potential winnings (or losses). After all, you can’t win nearly as much money if you can’t bet as much.

On the other hand, limiting bets is one of the easiest ways to prevent someone from repeating something, and it’s a common punishment.

Limiting bets is like limiting winnings, although limiting winnings means that you might be able to bet the same without the ability to earn the same.

While limiting bets lets you collect the same payout ratio as an average bet, and it’s a limited maximum amount.

That’s different from limiting winnings, which usually lets you bet the same amount, capping the percentage or total you can win.

Lastly, you might have some markets closed, whether in sports or actual locations.

If you’re making too much money or exposing issues with how some sports leagues have bets, then bet365 prevents you from accessing those specifics.

This way, you don’t have any restrictions to your earning potential, other than limiting where you can earn money.

Of course, there are likely other restrictions and implications of doing whatever bet365 thinks troublesome, although these four are the most common.

So, we’ll still go into multiple types of limitations and their reasonings, although it’ll primarily revolve around these specific punishments and how you might cause them.

Why Might bet365 Have Restricted Your Account (and What Can You Do)?

There are many reasons why you might have a bet365 account closed. Let’s start with what the company has listed right up front and center on their Terms and Conditions page:


According to their website, if you go into bankruptcy, bet365 close accounts under your name.

It makes sense as you won’t have money to bet on their site, although it might also mean they block you from accessing any potential gains.

While you might potentially have the money available for withdrawal to take you out of bankruptcy or provide a cushion.

The company may be legally mandated to prevent you from claiming it if your default connects to them.

However, unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do. Excluding leaving bankruptcy in some form or another, there’s nothing you can convince bet365 to consider. This is one of the heavier reasons behind closing your account. It shouldn’t be too surprising that removing bankruptcy as a reason for closure means removing a bankruptcy from your life.

Bet365 May Restrict Your Account Because Of Cheating

bet365 considers cheating as:

You having unfairly used the bet365 services, have deliberately cheated or taken unfair advantage of bet365 or any of its customers or if your account is being used for the benefit of a third party

bet365 T&C

That’s not necessarily the most concrete description, but it’s a good reference for what might lead to account closure.

For example, if bet365 blocked my account for too much consistency or too many wins in a statistically unlikely period, it can be because it was “considered” as cheating.

Whether or not you’ve cheated, it doesn’t matter. bet365 immensely, significantly, adds explicitly that bet365 “considers” these factors, meaning that even the most remote possibility of you cheating could mean a locked account and lost access.

Over time, people even ask, “why did bet365 permanently close my account?” Honestly, even the slightest chance of cheating might be why — which leads to the following reason:


Yeah. Not even winning too much if bet365 “considers” you to be winning in a statistically improbable manner, your account could close. So, do bet365 close winning accounts? Probably. It honestly depends.

For example, it could be thanks to sure betting or sports arbitrage.

Picking multiple bets to cancel the other out and eek a little gain out of the whole situation might be picked up as cheating.

Additionally, betting a lot of money on an unlikely, changing odd might bring the same attention.

It’s a slippery slope with winning and being seen as “cheating,” which means that these are the two most likely reasons your account is restricted.

Plus, it doesn’t even have to be betting — if you accidentally win a bunch of slots in a row or happen to hit two blackjacks in a row, then your account can end up being investigated or temporarily restricted.

In these situations, the best move is to contact bet365 customer support. Plead your case and explain that you haven’t been cheating, and with luck, you could point to past losses or issues that would show that if you were cheating, you would have done it a while ago. But, of course, that might also not work, as account restrictions are common and wide-reaching.

Police Request

bet365 reserves the right to suspend or close your account if “requested to do so by the police, any regulatory authority or court”. While this isn’t exactly the most common reason for an account restriction, it’s still possible.

If you’re a suspect or mid-investigation for a crime whatsoever, companies like bet365 may be contacted by regional law enforcement to prevent you from accessing their services.

However, it’s scarce, especially if connected to a crime. So, if you ask yourself why bet365 restricted my account, it’s hopefully not connected to a crime.

Fortunately, it may also be due to suspicions that you don’t belong on the website. Or unfortunately? Whether a loved one reported a gambling problem to the police or perhaps you’re suspected of providing false information or incorrect KYC information. These and than a few things more could lead to the police or authorities to request bet365 to do something.

If this is the case, the best thing you can do is make sure you have used the proper documents and information when signing up for bet365.

The most common mistake for this reasoning is likely wrong information, easily fixable. However, if it’s related to an active investigation or some other concern, then there’s not much you can do other than be helpful to law enforcement.


Besides winning/cheating, dormancy is the most common reason to lead to a bet365 account locked. While the word “dormancy” might seem complicated on the surface, it’s simple — your account is dormant.

According to bet365, dormancy counts as being “inactive” for a consecutive period of at least one year. Fortunately, inactivity means not being logged into your account.

So even if you don’t bet or play any games, just being in your account can prevent this. Plus, you could even remove your winning and/or money from the report, then go dormant.

Either way, dormancy is a massive problem for people that sign up to bet365, win money, and struggle to have it withdrawal or something similar. Instead, they’ll get tired or bored of waiting, choosing to leave the account alone. Then, after a while, people will forget, and the account will go dormant.

Fortunately, it’s also straightforward to undo. If there’s the opportunity of just suspension, logging into your account a few times should do the trick. Nonetheless, being dormant could also mean account deletion. In this case, there’s nothing you can do. bet365 specifically mentions that deletion and suspension can both mean lost funds and wagers.

Depositing Without Betting

bet365 specifies that money deposited and won from their services is used solely to place bets and wagers or settle charges. Oddly enough, but I guess understandably, there’s nothing in there about actually keeping your money and withdrawing it successfully.

The company’s T&C specifies that they are “entitled to suspend or close your account if we reasonably consider or have reason to believe that you are depositing funds without any intention to place bets/wagers. In such circumstances, we may also report this to relevant authorities.”

That’s a mouthful, but it boils down to one fact — if you deposit money and don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

So, it wouldn’t be hard to assume that bet365 locked many people simply because they didn’t bet.

Nonetheless, you may also lose your account. While that seems utterly ridiculous on the surface, it’s likely an anti-money laundering maneuver used to prevent people from booking cash in a site that might not necessarily be required to report new deposits with authorities.

However, that’s not the case, as the website also specifies that they might contact the authorities. So, in this situation, you’re likely not laundering money — I hope. If you are, then go away; we don’t support illegal things. Anyway, if this is the reason why bet365 has restricted your account, then you likely deposited money and never used it.

Whether it’s because you missed the game, you wanted to bet on, opened an account, and never planned on using it, or any other reason, they all lead back here. Fortunately, there is likely an easy fix in emailing support and asking for access to your account. You can explain the circumstance, even if the company doesn’t take it immediately. We’ll go a bit further in-depth on this later.

Claiming Bonuses Multiple Times

Bonuses, unless specified otherwise, are meant to be used once. If you’ve used a bonus more than once accidentally (or not), then bet365 will almost certainly restrict your account.

So, if you’re asking yourself, “why my bet365 account is locked,” and you know you claimed bonuses more than once, then stop.

While the first step is almost definitely removing the bonus funds or wins, there might also be limitations on the future bonuses.

Although bet365’s rewards may seem less than generous to some people, it’s for a reason — a bit of money here and there for millions of customers adds up quickly.

Think about it: $50 across 20 million customers is a billion dollars.

Constantly running these bonuses, with people coming and going, churn rates all over the place, and more means that rewards are incredibly risky on bet365’s balance sheet.

So, if you take advantage of them, they’ll see you as a threat and take care of the opportunity for you to claim the additional, free money.

There’s not too much you can plead in front of bet365’s customer service. However, there is the chance that removed funds and limited access to bonuses is a good argument. But, again, each scenario for these reasons is incredibly situational, and no one solution guarantees a fix.

Not Finishing Tax or KYC Information

Like law enforcement intervention or whatnot, bet365 may limit, restrict, or close your account if you lie on KYC documents. Or mess up. They’re both not good.

In fact, bet365 is one of the no verification betting sites for players from the United Kingdom.

Either way, if you’re not familiar with KYC, it means “know your customer”. Many countries and states use KYC to verify that you are, register tax information, record winnings, and know who a business is dealing with.

For governments, it helps prevent fraud, tax evasion, or laundering. For businesses, it’s instrumental in making sure they can track you down if you run away with their money or do anything illegal.

KYC is essential, and without it, you’re taking a legal risk. And so would bet365. That’s why, if your name is wrong, SSN is false, address or anything else is incorrect or invalid, you can’t access their software at all. bet365 isn’t doing it to keep you under control; they’re doing it so that both you and the company follow the law.

If this is the case with you, contact support and share the correct information. It’s best to be upfront with service. Explain that you likely filled in the wrong information and correct it before it becomes legal trouble. After all, KYC is a legal requirement to gamble in many places.

Copying or Messing With bet365’s Source Code

bet365 is a private corporation, and everything that belongs to the website is heavily copyrighted and registered. So if you mess with or steal any piece of their source code, you’re taking software and information belonging to the company.

Not only does this mean that you’ve broken T&C, removing some of bet365’s competitiveness, but you’ve also likely broken the law. Many countries have restrictions regarding copyrighted material, making stealing information the same as stealing something physical.

If you copy information, scrape data storage, reproduce content, or resell anything, you’re breaking ToS, T&C, and yet again, maybe the law.

bet365 will immediately block you from accessing anything else, whether that’s temporarily or permanently closing your account.

While this hopefully isn’t the case for you, if you did copy or steal some of bet365’s content, there’s nothing you can do. Not only is it strictly against T&C, but it’s also likely illegal.

There’s no accidental way to steal information and code, so this would have been very intentional.

Using bet365 For Someone Else (or Using a VPN)

If bet365 believes you’ve created an account for someone else or let them use it. Then you might have your account restricted.

After all, the taxes and monetary policies behind a betting/gaming company can be very tricky. There’s an obscure legal line between you and someone else playing as you.

Additionally, there’s nothing stopping bet365 from assuming that you’re letting a child play. That’s illegal in many countries, and for your sake (and theirs), bet365 restricted accounts appear to prevent any potential issues.

As for how this might happen, it’s often if your location is different from the KYC, or if there’s some association to someone else.

In these situations, if you’re not letting someone else use your account, then contact support and plead your case. Often, this may be thanks to a VPN or other location changer.

VPNs spoof locations and IP addresses, meaning that bet365 might notice multiple accounts using the same IP address. In these situations, the company will see one of two things: one person is using various people’s accounts, or there’s a VPN server there, and it’s hiding accurate locations.

And then, the company might believe you’re in an unregulated area where it’s not allowed to use bet365’s services. Again, the only way to solve this is to contact support and explain yourself. Or really, turn off the VPN if you’re using one.

Bet365 Restricted Your Account Because Of Using a Bot

Lastly, we have an account restriction thanks to using a bot. This is an obvious problem — many of bet365’s games are either entirely luck-based or can be manipulated to your advantage. Both can be ruined with a bot.

First off, luck-based games; using a bot could mean automating the process and potentially losing bet365 money. The company doesn’t appreciate automation or anything that could mean adjusted odds and be considered an immediate ban.

As for manipulation, that’s an obvious no-no. If you’re dealing with a company that makes money from losing, winning where you should lose means cheating. Manipulating odds is very noticeable by bet365’s servers and will likely be immediately blocked. Along with your account.

However, it’s effortless to get out of this. If you’re using a bot (or not), then bet365 will likely give you a temporary ban — after all, you might be on a lucky streak.

Past this ban, don’t use a bot. It’s that simple. If you’re cheating, then stop. If you’re fortunate, then I hope you’re not too lucky again. That’s, well, really it.

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So, What Does a Bet365 Restricted Account Mean?

We at Bonuses.bet hope you can learn from this article that it could mean many things.

Whether you’ve cheated, under investigation by the police, suspected of laundering money, lucky, or left your account dormant for too long.

Bet365 has many ways to suspend or close your account. To close bet365 accounts, the company looks for what it can restrict.

There’s no concrete way to see what a restriction or block is due to and how to fix it. Unless you get an email, in which case there’s likely an explanation, examples on how to fix it.

Nonetheless, many factors explain things behind the accounts bet365 blocks, even if many of them are simply due to automation.

First, when dealing with billions in transactions per year across millions of users, automation can mess up here or there, locking a few people who shouldn’t be impacted.

In these situations, the only thing to do is to ask someone at bet365 for help and hope that they fix the problem.

Unfortunately, there’s no real explanation on a guaranteed way to skip an account restriction past doing what you can and improving what you think can be fixed.

That’s all. Instead, you might have to take yourself to bet365 alternative betting sites if they don’t undo the restriction.

9 Replies to “Why is My Bet365 Account Restricted? How to fix it?”

  • Benjamin says:

    Talking about bet365 and how they restrict accounts on everyday basis – I got a lot to say!
    Since this is a legal sportsbook, I thought there will be no problem at all. Yeah, but I still fight to get my deposit back and that’s already a month. My deposit was via debit card, I got statements and proof that this is my bank card, but this is not the case here. Bet365 restricted my account immediately after my deposit and since I made my deposit with my card I had to send them some proof of ownership, which I sent of course. Yeah, but it’s still under review and they still got my money. What a joke!!!

  • Dormantbeen says:

    Bet365 restricted my account with £1300 balance. At least I’m able to withdraw my money. The issue was something with my bets, I’ve been caught arbing which is strange since I’ve placed only premier league games.

  • catbatmatsat says:

    Bet365 voided all my winning bets and of course they couldn’t give me a proper explanation. On top of that my account got restricted 2 days later. They told me that the only thing I can do is to withdrawal my deposit. Stay away from bet365!

  • zacharyquinn says:

    I turned 18 before a month and I registered my first betting account – of course with bet365. Almost instantly after registration my account got restricted. I spoke with the cs via live chat and all I got was “management’s decision, sorry”. And that was it…

  • SonyGiman says:

    I live in the UK. My bet365 account was restricted because I’ve logged in from France. I went on a holiday and I just wanted to check my bets, three days after I was back in the UK and noticed that the account is suspended and the only thing I can do is requesting a withdrawal. I’ve tried to explain them but…

  • bet365restricted says:

    Is there any chance to get around bet365 restrictions? I mean, I’ve never done something unfair or wrong with my bet365 account and still it’s locked. Can I register again?

  • roberto-zico says:

    Bet365 restricted my account after 11 months of activity. No explanation and no stated reason out of it. I got more than 20 transactions and hundreds of wagers. Obviously they hate losing because I’ve won my last 7 bets.

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