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Although BetOnline has millions of users that access its services every day, a select few might find themselves suddenly unable to do so. Although there are countless reasons why you might not be able to log onto, some reasons are better than others. BetOnline has a huge user base and a huge supply of services and products, but they’re willing to defend them.

If you’ve suddenly found yourself restricted in terms of being able to access either your account or BetOnline as a whole, then something’s happened. Again, there’s a chance it could be something small, although there’s another chance that a certain big thing has happened to your account. In both scenarios, it can be scary to try to log onto your account, whether to withdraw money, deposit some, or play games, and find yourself unable to do so.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you understand just why your account might be restricted. BetOnline has quite a large list of terms and conditions, and even mistakenly going against one can result in your account being temporarily restricted or even permanently deleted. With your money and access on the line, it’s important to understand what’s going on, and quickly.

So, let’s see exactly why you might be put on restricted access. BetOnline has many rules and regulations for everyone on their platform, and there are countless reasons why you might have triggered one. Nonetheless, here are a few of the top reasons why you might find yourself placed on BetOnline restricted access.

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Why Does BetOnline Restrict Accounts?

The big reason BetOnline restricts account is to make sure that you’re not getting away with money that you shouldn’t. That and for legality reasons… we’ll get to that later. Anyway, after all, betting sites like BetOnline revolve entirely around money, and that’s the only reason your account would be restricted. There are many reasons why BetOnline restricts accounts, although there are a few important categories that the majority of reasons fall into:

  1. Sizable/unexpected winnings;
  2. Legality issues;
  3. Bonus manipulation;
  4. Account conditions;
  5. Falsification;
  6. And more.

While the last one is a little generic, the other five are pretty self-explanatory. If you find yourself winning a lot of money, whether in a row or in one super large sum, after being a consistent low-performance user, BetOnline might mess with a little restriction on your account while they do some research.

If they’re dealing with a legal issue between you and your country/place of origin/current location/government, then they’re probably going to suspend your account until they can get some research done. That same philosophy applies to the 4th and 5th options, where if you do anything to go against terms and conditions, like lying about your age, name, location, etc., then you’ll find your account restricted or deleted.

Falsifying information is another big no-no, and there are quite a few other big reasons why your account might be restricted. New location access, new emails, spam, and reason any other “out-of-the ordinary” tasks might be suspicious and placed under investigation. There’s a lot and while we’re going to go over as many as we can think of, there’s almost certainly going to be some that we don’t even touch upon in this article.

That’s why it’s important to know that the best way to solve your issue is to contact BetOnline themselves. Sending a message, email, chat, or contacting customer service through their phone number is almost always a steadfast way to gain access to some help, and nine times out of ten, they’ll release the restriction on your account after just a few messages.

In the other situations, however, where things might not end up going as planned, then we’re here to help. Whether you want more information on what you might’ve done wrong, or you’re just interested in seeing how you can specifically work on a certain issue that might be attached to your account, then we’re here to help!

What’s the Difference Between an Account Restriction and Closure?

Just to get it out of the way before we dive deeper into everything, there are two big things that BetOnline might do to your account if they suspect you of doing anything that you shouldn’t: restricting or closing your account.


Restrictions are pretty simple. If you’re suspected of doing something, whether incredibly minor or decently big, then they’ll restrict your account while they do some research and ensure there’s nothing serious going on behind the scenes.

These are some of the simplest issues to address, mostly thanks to the fact that most of the issues that result in restrictions are small infractions. And most of the time, they’re general misunderstandings. If you won a big prize or ended a bit with a big win against the odds, they might investigate it, temporarily restricting your account.

In these scenarios, most of the time they work out. If you haven’t done anything wrong, then they’ll close the restriction and give you access to your account again. That’s a big thing to keep in mind, however. If you’re confident that you haven’t done anything wrong, then most of the time, these restrictions will end as fast as they begin.

After all, BetOnline can’t find you purposefully infracting their terms and conditions if you’re not doing anything purposefully. For something big to happen to your account, you’d have to do something big, and intentionally. If you haven’t, then you’re probably good. We’ll go over the specifics of both some of the big things you can do (and their punishments) and some of the smaller things and what they might mean.

Account Closure

On the other hand, account closures are much more serious. If something has happened and you find your account closed, then there’s a very high chance that you’re not going to get access back into the account.

Account closures usually only happen once something serious has occurred. In these situations, BetOnline often ends up actually sending an email with information about why your account has been closed, providing reasoning in case you’re not sure.

Closures are pretty big, reasonably showing why they require something big to happen beforehand. You’re likely going to have your account closed only if you’ve done a thing that’s really not supposed to happen. These would be things like lying about your age (being underage), faking your identity, committing other forms of fraud, or cheating on games and winning money in not-so-trustworthy ways.

Fortunately, these closures really aren’t too common without something big happening. Some people have had experiences where their accounts were closed for supposedly having two open and winning a substantial amount, but their issues were solved after a few back-and-forths with customer service about the whole ordeal. Importantly, however, their account was closed in a way that made it easy for service to unlock after they talked about it.

How Do BetOnline Suspended Accounts Work?

Again, the big way that BetOnline works through account issues is in account restrictions and closures. They have two different ways of coming about, and they have two different ways of being handled. Account restrictions might simply lower the number of games you’re allowed to play on or restrict when you can withdraw money. Account closures might straight up prevent you from logging in.

Throughout both, however, there’s a notable point – the restrictions and access put on your account is directly in connection with the thing that BetOnline might suspect you of doing. The greater the issue they think they have with you, the greater the restriction put on your account. Through that, it’s kind of understandable that closed accounts have the heaviest reasoning behind them.

Closures are kind of like super high-level restrictions. After all, they’re just like normal restricted accounts, except literally everything is restricted. The more ways you might be suspected of, or have, gone against BetOnline’s terms and conditions, the more ways they restrict or prevent access to your account.

There are a few big ways that they restrict accounts, however, with the different issues associated with your account being directly proportionate to how heavily they punish account access. Here are some of the biggest ways that they’ll restrict or suspend your account:

Service Restriction

This is likely the most obvious of the group: if you’re suspected of only taking advantage of an issue within BetOnline’s online casino, then you’ll only be restricted from using their online casino. In some cases, when your account is locked BetOnline will provide a temporary ban, like a week or so, while other situations may have them permanently preventing you from being able to access the casino.

The same process applies to BetOnline sports, live betting, racebook, poker, eSports betting, and more. This one is one of the easiest ways for BetOnline to automatically restrict accounts, simply providing a little push towards using some of the company’s other services.

Again, this is usually only if they have a problem with you using one of their services in particular, kind of like a push-off when in an actual casino. If you’re suspected of doing anything suspicious in one game or service, then you’ll simply be told to play something else. That’s it.

Withdraw/Deposit Restriction

If you find yourself depositing or withdrawing money either a lot or in huge amounts, then BetOnline will likely end up putting a restriction on what you can and can’t do in terms of moving money. The company might restrict the amount you deposit if you keep going and keep winning money, while they might limit the withdrawals if you pull all your money each time you win anything.

These kind of come and go as your winning or losing continues, given that it deals entirely with the withdrawals and deposits attached to your BetOnline account. After all, the company has to pay their bank or service provider every time you take or leave money from/with them, meaning that if you keep moving small amounts out, all the time, then they’ll have to pay fee after fee on every transaction.

When that happens, BetOnline ends up losing more money than they would otherwise, giving both you and them a reason to restrict access to withdrawals and deposits. Additionally, however, if you’re suspected of doing any money laundering or messing with funds in a way that you shouldn’t be, it gives the company a way to lock down on the money while they do some further research.

Location Restrictions

If you’re physically accessing BetOnline from a place that you shouldn’t be, they’ll stop you from doing so. That’s really it. Whether that means using a VPN and the company recognizes it, or finding yourself accessing your account in a place that unfamiliar or not allowed to BetOnline, then you’ll find your account temporarily restricted.

In these situations, you’re likely in a place that either doesn’t allow betting or appears suspicious to BetOnline, and they’ll straight up not allow you to do anything until you’re back where you normally bet. Sometimes they’ll send you an email for verification, although other times, they’ll just temporarily close your account until you log back from the IP or device you normally use to bet on.

Specific Game Restrictions

Like the service restriction, BetOnline might prevent you from accessing a game, either in specific ways or straight up in its entirety. There are a lot of things that you can do in each game that would warrant a restriction, and so BetOnline might restrict specific games from you, rather than restricting the entire service as a whole.

These situations generally pop up in scenarios where you’re suspected of doing something in just one game, rather than taking advantage of a service, as a whole. Kind of like the casino walk-off scenario listed earlier, it’s like when you’re suspected of counting cards in blackjack, and the house wants you to walk away and play something else.

You’re not restricted from playing in the casino as a whole, in this scenario, but rather, you’re suspected of doing something that gives you an advantage in one game. You’re expected to not be given an advantage on other games – rather, it’s just preventing you from playing the specific game that BetOnline, in this scenario, expects you to win a lot on.

They’ll likely just temporarily or permanently lock off a game, requiring you to play literally anything other than what you’re currently using. It’s one of the least restrictive options, although it can definitely be annoying or surprising, if you’re not looking for it or expecting it in advance.

Bet Size Restrictions

If you’re usually a low-baller and BetOnline suddenly finds you betting thousands and winning even more, then you’re probably going to have your bet size (or potential winnings) restricted. In some situations, BetOnline will literally only let you put in money of up to a certain amount, preventing you from taking advantage of larger pots, wins, or bets in general.

There are a lot of reasons why the company might want to restrict a high baller’s account, although the biggest is simply because there’s the highest opportunity for them to lose money. Your account says a lot about you, so big chances reflect something big happening elsewhere. If you move from a few dollars per bet to winning thousands, then ta-da, you’re likely to find yourself suddenly at odds (get it), with the casino and the amount you can bet.

Bonus Restrictions

Although bonus restrictions might sound like extra restrictions you’ll find on your account at one point or another, they’re restrictions you’ll encounter if you go ahead and abuse bonuses. Whether intentionally or accidentally, using a one-time bonus multiple times is an immediate no-go for BetOnline and virtually every other online casino you come across.

Bonus restrictions push restrictions on your ability to use bonuses, making it so that you just can’t use any codes, bonus money, credits, or whatever else comes your way. Depending on the severity, you might find your whole account restricted, although it’s generally just locking the bonus off from your account in general.

Most bonus restrictions come about after a second account is created with your credentials or a single bonus is used multiple times on an account, when it shouldn’t be, although there are more than a few ways that crafty people go about adding restrictions to their account. We’ll go over some of them later, in the next section.

Sportsbook Restrictions

Here’s another restriction placed on specific accounts with specific criteria. Like the bet size restriction, these bookmaker restrictions are placed on accounts that take advantage of specific parts of BetOnline’s sportsbook. If you’re using other bookmakers to create arbitrage situations or taking advantage of disparities in BetOnline’s platform, then they might restrict what and where you can bet.

Using specific amounts to bet might pop up as a red flag on BetOnline’s end, meaning that they could temporarily or permanently ban you from betting on certain events, places, and locations on their website. While BetOnline generally posts most of their betting options through their own bookmaking option, using another company and their services to create opportunities to make extra money.

After all, BetOnline and other betting companies exist to make themselves money through “fair” opportunities, meaning that using gaps in bookmaker options and odds cut down on the amount they can make. Plus, it’s just written into the terms and conditions, meaning they can restrict your sportsbook access at virtually any point once they’re given reason to.

Access Restrictions

Access to your account could be restricted for literally any of the reasons listed above. If you do anything to a degree large enough that BetOnline doesn’t like it, then they might prevent you from accessing your account as a whole, until they’ve done research and investigated the matter entirely. There’s a lot they can restrict an account for, and while they’re doing research and aren’t entirely sure what to do, you might find yourself locked out of your account.

Fortunately, there’s also the chance it’s a location thing. Like we’ve mentioned before, location plays a big part in accessing online betting sites. If you’re in a spot that you shouldn’t be, either suspiciously to BetOnline or illegally to you, then they might lock your account until you prove you are who you are, or you prove you’re in a spot the company can legally operate in, and you can legally bet in.

There are more than a few reasons why access would play a part in your restrictions, and it really depends on whether you should even be allowed to use your account wherever you are. That, and, if you’re done anything that’s big enough to give BetOnline enough incentive to prevent you straight up from doing anything else on their website.

Why “BetOnline AG Restricted My Account” and What You Can Do

As we’ve mentioned a few times, there are quite a few reasons why BetOnline might have restricted your account. The company runs a lot of services and there are a lot of conditions that have to be met for you to be able to use any of them. If you fail to meet any of them, or you meet some of the bad ones, then they’ll take action against your account (then you, if necessary).

For each of these issues and reasons for restricting your account, we’ve taken the reasoning and the example directly from BetOnline’s terms and conditions, alongside their rules page. This should cover nearly the entirety of what the company has to offer in terms of reasoning for restricting your account, although it’s almost definitely not everything. Without further ado, however, let’s get into it!

Opening More Than One Account

BetOnline only allows one account. Although that might seem self-explanatory on the surface, it’s important to realize that opening more than one account gives you the opportunity to abuse arbitrage situations (which are banned when using BetOnline) or take advantage of multiple bonuses.

You’re not allowed to do either thing, and opening another account means more than a few legal issues. There’s the question of who’s using it, whether they’re of age, the fraud and other things attached to the whole process, and whether or not they’re even allowed to legally bet in the first place.

Is your account to escape local restrictions, country restrictions or more? While you might know, BetOnline doesn’t, and they’re given every right to close one (or both) of the accounts if they want. That includes taking the money out of the accounts.

Using BetOnline From A Restricted Country or Area

This one’s pretty self-explanatory too. If you’re using BetOnline where the company isn’t allowed to operate or gambling is straight up banned, then you’re not going to be able to use the service at all. Plus, if you’re using a VPN or find yourself connected in a place or with an IP address that isn’t affiliated with your account in the first place, then BetOnline is likely going to be asking more than a few questions.

It’s always best to play it safe when it comes to owning and using an online betting account, especially surrounding all the legality issues and international problems when it comes to using one. If you’re in a place that doesn’t allow betting, don’t use an online betting site. If you’re travelling super far away, then don’t be surprised if BetOnline wants to make sure somebody’s not about to mess with your money while you’re away from home. That’s really it.

Not Verifying Your Account

Not fulfilling KYC (know your customer) requirements in countries that require it, is illegal. KYC might be a mess, especially when it comes to privacy, but it’s necessary in both making sure that you’re only using sites like BetOnline as they’re meant to be, and that you’re held responsible for everything you need to be held responsible for.

Whether that’s in a case of money laundering or not paying taxes, who knows? The big thing is that KYC is required to allow access to people that can prove they are who they say they are, both for tax reasons and for no-fraud reasons. After all, if there was no verification required, I could open an account right now with your information and do whatever crazy thing I’d want.

That’s why BetOnline requires it and will gladly close your account if you don’t supply it.

Opening An Account Underage

It’s illegal. Don’t bet underage. You’re either going to lose your money or lose a few years in prison. It’s not worth it, and especially not worth it if you’re close to being legally able to bet anyway. Just wait a few years. Hold onto your money, especially if you’re that young. Like seriously.

Taking Advantage of a Code Malfunction or Error

If you earn way more than you’re supposed to or find yourself in possession of multiple bonuses when you should have no more than one, then you’re likely going to find your BetOnline account locked. While many people might think of this reasoning as being connected to taking advantage of casino games and the like, it’s probably more common in taking advantage of bonuses.

If you claim more than you’re supposed to, then BetOnline can and will happily lock your account, ensuring that your collection of bonuses or unfair advantage is put to an end. And, quickly at that too.

Using Bots or Software to Win

Another unfair thing for the company and your competition, using bots or software, like automatic arbitrage software, will allow BetOnline to close or restrict your account. They’re very serious about ensuring you only win money when you deserve it, so using an unfair advantage will both be picked up quickly and put down even faster.

BetOnline has systems in place to find unnatural or non-ordinary examples of what could be bot activity or odd behavior coming from accounts, and they’re quick to take action. If you use a bot to find little errors or weaknesses in games or bets, then BetOnline will restrict your account, whether for suspecting you of using a bot, or just being too good.

Whether you’re lying about your identity, preventing BetOnline from seeing your location, or using the company’s services in a place and manner you’re not allowed to, BetOnline will likely restrict your account.

Not only is it good for you, preventing you from doing something that could potentially get you jail time or fines, but it also prevents BetOnline from having to deal with their own litigation and legal problems. Anything that goes against local, international, or country-wide policies will immediately be brought to BetOnline’s attention, and either them or your government will take care of it. This is a pretty big and pretty resulting issue they deal with often.

Trying to Withdraw Money Without Rolling it Over

BetOnline requires you to withdraw deposits after you’ve used a one-time rollover requirement at the least. In short terms, you have to spend the money on bets to take it out. While that means they’ll at least get the chance to gain a little profit before spending money on fees to move your money out, it also means that you can’t launder money as easily.

After all, some people run money through fraudulent online betting accounts, using deposits and bonuses to make a quick buck and transfer money in ways that make it hard to track. Thanks to KYC and restrictions like these, BetOnline can and will respond quickly, meaning that if you get away with no rollover (which shouldn’t even be possible to begin with), then they’ll make a quick more.


While it’s not ensured to be a BetOnline policy, it’s rumored that if you leave your account alone for a year or a few, then it’ll likely be closed. After all, there’s a lot of data and money usually associated with a betting account, so the company might close (or restrict it), to ensure that someone that’s not you doesn’t slip in while you’re not online.

You might just have to verify your identity and ownership of the account, however, to regain access, so this isn’t the worst reason for restricting your account.

What Should I Do If Locked My Account or BetOnline Restricted My Account?

Really, there are two things to do: check your email or contact customer service. Checking your email for something like “BetOnline your account is restricted” gives you an opportunity to find a link or verification method to prove that you own your account, in situations where it might be restricted or closed for dormancy or suspected location changes, while contacting customer service gives you a way to see exactly what has happened.

Additionally, customer service is really the only place where you can hear about why and how your account has been restricted and what you can do about it. In situations where something big’s expected to have happened, only customer service can undo restrictions and prove your innocence, so it’s worth asking them.

In 99% of these situations, the only real way to regain access or remove restrictions, is to contact customer service. There’s really nothing we can do to help you do anything differently, in terms of gaining access to your account, so we can only recommend you call, email, or use BetOnline’s chat to connect with a representative. Also, you can try social media if worst comes to worst.

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