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Bingo Sites Not On GamStop

Bingo sites not on GamStop are important for players from the United Kingdom and are among the most popular online platforms to bet money. While they’ve generally been heavily in-person games for some time, bingo sites have made their way online and are available to play whenever you please. However, it means that you might find yourself playing too often. In these situations, if you like in the United Kingdom, then you’ll likely encounter GAMSTOP.

If you find yourself playing too many odds or playing too much bingo, then you might stumble upon GAMSTOP, a voluntary “self-exclusion” tool.

Officially known as the Gambling Self-Exclusion Scheme, this company website allows you to take a break from gambling or betting of any kind.

Whether it’s sports betting or bingo, the company arranges for the betting provider to prevent you from doing anything, keeping your potential gains and losses disconnected from reality for a bit.

And while that’s great for those with a betting problem or a gambling issue on independent bingo sites, it’s not always the best in general. After all, there are only three timing options: 6 months, one year, or five years. Tough luck if you want to take a break for a few weeks. Even a few months isn’t an option — unless you consider half-a-year a few months.

Unfortunately, the BBC and other significant organizations connect GamStop to severe issues in preventing gambling and criminals from betting online, with nothing but a few information changes allowing them to continue playing. Plus, there are risks and questions about the safety and security of data passed through the program and everything else.

What is GamStop?

GamStop is a written agreement that allows companies to refuse service to you. Whenever you create an account, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of GamStop. Therefore you are allowing them to create a legally binding document when you want to take a break from betting.

As you create specific documents for specific GamStop-using companies and providers, they’re put into legal standing, allowing them to ban you entirely from their platform. Fortunately, while it is a ban, it’s temporary and just in preventing you from placing any bets, getting bonuses and promotions or potentially logging in.

And, since it’s a legally binding contract that allows them to do this, there’s no amount of legal fighting or complaining that can take you out. Plus, well, that’s how GamStop is usually effective in preventing people from betting when they don’t want to but find themselves doing so.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case when on a GamStop-approved website. It doesn’t also always translate into being on one of the new bingo sites. In many scenarios, someone else can create an account for you, preventing you from betting or accessing a site like a standard bingo page. When this happens, there’s nothing that you can do, considering that it’s a legally binding contract that you have no way of proving hasn’t been connected to you.

And so, that’s why many people don’t like the sites that use GamStop. One small mistake can accidentally block you from your account for years. Intentional ones can keep you out for upwards of five years at a time. Unfortunately, when this happens, there’s nothing you can do.

Still, however, you can prevent any of that from even happening — just by using a site that’s not on GamStop. These don’t have preexisting contracts with the service, and GamStop can’t force them to follow the agreements. So, while others agree with GamStop to block your betting, sites not on the platform can’t do that. But why wouldn’t you want GamStop?

Why Don’t I Want a Bingo Site Not On GamStop?

Who knows? There are countless reasons. You could:

  • have a friend that doesn’t like you betting;
  • have a family member that doesn’t like bingo;
  • be using stolen money and don’t want to be locked out (please don’t be);
  • don’t want to worry about losing access in a legally binding way;
  • concern about security threats when it comes to bingo sites;
  • think about any of the countless other reasons.

Choosing to use online bingo sites, not on GamStop, is a personal decision — that’s why it’s a self-exclusion site. Nonetheless, self-exclusion might not be “self” as in you. Instead, it could mean that someone who knows you well or has access to your credentials wants to keep you from accessing your bets or bingo winnings.

All they would need to do is create an account and verify your identity, then do whatever they wanted. Even though you can change your email and escape, that’s not a guarantee, and it’s certainly a hassle. Of course, there’s much more that might be annoying or unwanted with GamStop, but it comes up to what you have in mind. And, so, let’s get started without further ado!

Wink Bingo Not On Gamstop

Wink Bingo is a small site, although one of the best bingo sites not on GamStop. Most of their bingo game winnings are under 10 pounds, and even the large ones reach underneath 20. So, for those looking for a big bettor’s paradise, Wink Bingo is not it.

For those looking to use a site that GamStop doesn’t touch, then it might be. After all, Wink Bingo still provides dozens of live bingo games with constant rotating winnings, events, and situations, all while being one of the top UK bingo sites not on GamStop. Plus, there’s a bonus casino to go with the bingo games and a few promotions to boot.

When it comes to bingo websites, you can’t do much better than Wink Bingo. Furthermore the site it’s a dedicated platform with decent reviews. Additionally, the platform comes with some free bingo games, allowing you to earn currency that you could theoretically cash out for real money in the future.

Cash bonuses, prizes, events, free zones, jackpots, and many games make Wink Bingo a pretty good GamStop-less site, especially a dedicated bingo one. So, if you’re in the market for a decent site with good fun and a talented platform to win money and place in events off, you can do much worse than Wink Bingo.

Plus, I mean, there’s an entire slots selection, which makes any bingo sites that much better. There are hundreds within reach of the company’s multiple categories, with thousands in jackpots. Compared to the winnings of the bingo selection, the slots are much more impressive, even if Wink Bingo is, obviously, a bingo-first platform.

Orion Spins

Up next is yet another tiny platform, Orion Spins. This company has roughly a dozen bingo boards to choose from. However they’re all unique and styled in how a casino styles its slot machines. There’s a good variety and quality behind each, even if the supply is low on a smaller site.

Yet again, the real focus is on the quality rather than the company’s size. Orion Spins is a small company, complete with a parent company that owns several identical websites. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a bingo platform, not on GamStop, the number immediately drops.

There are dozens of companies that own hundreds more that are viewable on the GAMSTOP webpage. Orion Spins does not fall in there, opting to be online bingo that is not registered with GamStop. Fortunately, however, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few significant bonuses to go with the platform — literally.

Orion Spins has a few bonuses, including a few significant (50%+) upfront bonuses and promotions to go with their bingo selection. In addition, the company comes complete with a decent sportsbook, both live and advanced, an eSports book, tournaments, and lottery options.

There’s a good combination of quality and quantity throughout the entire platform. Those of you looking exclusively for bingo or abroad experience can come across Orion Spins and enjoy everything that comes to the forum. All of this without the concern of a GamStop-imposed restriction of anywhere between six months and five years. So, it’s pretty good.

Prestige Spin Casino

Orion Spins and Prestige Spin Casino are upsettingly similar. They have the same slots, the same bingo games, and the same general layout.

However, what Orion Spins does well, except for non-GamStop bingo, Prestige Spin Casino does better. Except for the name – that sucks, the reason why we’re just going to call it “Prestige”. Nonetheless, that’s it that’s less than great. Even the menus that Orion Spins offer is better, with a great selection and more precise options.

It’s the same sportsbook, eSports betting, promotion list, tournament availability, and lottery collection, but there’s an additional tab for games at the top. It also happens to be a small change, but it’s enough for me to like it that much more. The additionally added design choices make the experience that much better.

And, of course, it’s also not on GamStop, meaning that the more fabulous collection is just better than Orion Spins. So, again, this isn’t an Orion Spins vs. Prestige article, but rather one focused on the best bingo sites, not on GamStop. Which this is one of.

The selection of bingo games is the same as Orion Spins, with a little over a dozen available for choosing. Still, the promotions are much more significant, with the initial one offered to me being a whopping 475% bonus compared to the 50% bonus with Orion Spins. That’s an incredible increase and another reason why this near-identical clone is a much better choice, in my opinion.

So, if you know Orion Spins or are interested in a “Prestige” experience, then definitely check out Prestige Spin Casino. There’s a great selection, like Orion Spins, although it’s supercharged in the small details and quality presented. The UI is better, the bonuses are more significant, and the overall experience is better. It’s worth checking out.


Rolletto is best known for its sports betting platform and cryptocurrency payment methods. Nonetheless, it also has a bingo site that’s not very well known. While researching this article, it took me several minutes to find the bingo selection, even though it’s impressive.

Multiple websites said Rolletto held bingo games, although they’re buried beneath the appeal of the sportsbook and the various other games available. Additionally, they’re new — yeah, they’re unique and functional as of the time of writing.

You must visit the Casino portion of the website, find the search bar, and type in “Bingo”. It’s out of the way, requiring you to skip the company’s selections in:

  1. Sports Betting;
  2. Live betting;
  3. eSports Betting;
  4. Dino Games (oddly enough);
  5. Live Casino;
  6. Mini-Games;
  7. Virtual Sports;
  8. and Promotions.

Once you make your way past all of that and finally to the casino page, then you can access the near-two dozen bingo boards ready. The selection (fortunately named and sourced) includes games from WACS, Play’n GO, Patagonia, Spearmead Studios, Spigo, and more. Again, there’s a wide selection of video and plain options.

Quite a few brands, art styles, overall designs, and game customizations are available, making Rolletto’s bingo selection likely the most impressive of the bunch here. Of course, there’s also the added benefit of being GamStop-free, which is the entire point of this article.

Nonetheless, we (and others) have had some issues with Rolletto regarding quality and other aspects of the platform. Resulting in the overall experience eventually not being worth the GamStop-lessness that you’d find.

Nevertheless, it’s still a decent website. However opting for a more prominent website with more fantastic selections and GamStop might be worth it if Rolletto seems appealing to you.

Of course, that’s only optional, and for most people, Rolletto works more than well enough. But unfortunately, it also happens to have one of the most challenging platforms on top of being one of the most accessible and open bingo sites. So, it’s right down the middle of being convenient and annoying, even though it’s one of the bingo sites not registered with GamStop.

Fortune Clock Casino

Finally, we have Fortune Clock, more online bingo not on GamStop. Like Orion Spins and Prestige Spin Casino, this company keeps the same 14-ish game formula, although its spin (ha, get it) on the concept.

Fortune Clock holds the same categories, with Casino, live betting, sports betting, virtual sports, eSports betting, promotions, and the bingo section. However, uniquely, there’s a mobile app. None of the other websites on this list come with their dedicated app from which you can play bingo.

I think that’s perfect for this list. When you’re dealing with a simple option like bingo that’s perfect for a phone screen, this app would be handy. It’s also quite strange compared to what’s offered by the other companies on this list. This however makes Fortune Clock a little more standout in that situation.

So, while the company has the same 14 games, they help diversify the platform even more than Prestige Spin Casino and Orion Spins with the help of a mobile app and dedicated options. Nonetheless, I’ll go ahead and put the 14 current games up here:

  1. King Bingo
  2. Chilli Hunter Bingo
  3. Burning Pearl Bingo
  4. Caishen Riches Bingo
  5. Shamrock Bingo
  6. Crusoe Bingo
  7. Neptune Bingo
  8. Aztec Bingo
  9. Crypto mania Bingo
  10. Cupid Bingo
  11. Oz Bingo
  12. Chef Bingo
  13. Fashion Bingo
  14. and 2050: A Bingo Odyssey.

And, of course, yet again, it’s also GamStop-free. That’s incredibly helpful considering that there’s a mobile app, as that’s one of the most common things you’d likely find yourself playing on.

If something happened on your phone and you were locked out of your betting software, that would be huge, especially since there’s a lot that goes on with a phone — this would be another on top.

Nonetheless, Fortune Clock doesn’t have GamStop — that’s the point. And so, I think it’s a pretty good option out of those here. In addition, the dedicated mobile app and bingo selection (on the go) make this a unique pick out of the few sites on GamStop and aren’t incredibly small. As a result, you’ll find a good combination of quality and quantity, even with a smaller company.

How Do You Know (And Can I Know) Bingo Sites Aren’t on GamStop?

The easiest way is to go to the “Responsible Gaming,” Terms and Conditions, or Policy on the bingo site that you’re looking at. CTRL + F to open the find icon and type in “GamStop.”

Usually, if anything pops up, the company likely uses GamStop, and you might find an account attached at some point. Fortunately, that’s not always the case.

Instead, some companies say they don’t support GamStop, meaning that you’ll find something indicative of a promise not to accept a request.

Nonetheless, there’s also a backup. By visiting, you can view the complete list of companies and providers supporting and accepting GamStop. After all, these are legally binding contracts, and those companies must find themselves listed on the GamStop site for disclosure purposes.

And this site is quite regularly updated. Writing this was just 15 days since the last update on the “Participating Companies” list. That’s great in terms of reliability and consistently providing an up-to-date list. With the list, you can also see reliably and consistently the companies and the parent organizations connected with GamStop and are likely to offer their services.

Looking down the list, however, you’ll see that there aren’t a lot of small companies. Instead, throughout the page, there’s a good selection of larger companies and parent businesses that own multiple sites and platforms, sometimes even in the count of dozens or hundreds. Plus, you’ll, of course, see that these large businesses are not the bingo sites not with GamStop.

While that doesn’t seem like a good thing, it means that most small bingo sites and regional offerings aren’t as likely to appear on the list. That goes towards clarifying that the companies on this list are even less likely to go on GamStop’s list anytime soon, providing that the non-GamStop bingo sites don’t suddenly become incredibly large and sign up in fears of legislative issues.

Nonetheless, that’s not likely, even if it is likely that you can come up with a list or idea of what’s on GamStop by its size. If you haven’t guessed already, all the sites on this list are small, and they don’t support GamStop.

There’s not a single primary site (except if you count Rolletto as significant), and they all happen to not have GamStop as a possible way of keeping you locked out of your account. It still helps to do some research, too, as even the most straightforward Google search can help guarantee that you don’t get yourself into a tricky situation.

Even if it’s not terrible to use GamStop, if you’re not comfortable doing so, then don’t. There are countless small and indie bingo providers out there. They’re also willing to bring you quality services for a low price without the risk of having your account blocked for five years. All it takes is a bit of research and some online tricks. That’s it, even for non-UK bingo sites.

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