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Sports betting sites are a massive part of the entire gambling and betting industry, especially considering globally ubiquitous sports are. No matter what country you live in, there’s a sport and likely the ability to bet on that sport. However, that widespread nature means that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of sports betting sites, some of better quality than others.

Nonetheless, it can be hard to find a quality site with so many to filter through — precisely why many sports betting sites offer sports betting bonuses designed to attract and keep customers. Some of these betting sites don’t require age verification.

While these usually come in minor sports betting bonuses, some sites offer quite impressive bonuses full of prizes, thousands of dollars in rewards, and hefty loyalty programs. However, there’s where some places stand out over others, and that’s why we’re here to help catalog some of our favorite sports betting sites and some of the best bonuses they have to offer.

What Types of Bonuses Are There?

We at are going to explain nine major types of sport betting bonuses, each of which is different from the others.

The first and most prominent are the welcome bonuses. These are often known as the best sign-up bonus sports betting offers, also known as sports betting sign-up bonuses. By joining a specific sports betting website, you’re greeted with a prize to not only lock you to that website but to help build the amount you’re gambling with.

While most sites offer a percentage bonus to deposits (i.e., a 50% or 100% bonus to what you put in), turning $100 to $200, for example, others offer a set amount if you cross a threshold. One example would be $50 for every $100 deposited, up to $250 in bonuses.

The Rollover Requirement

Unfortunately, as they’re the most prominent, you’ll likely find a rollover bonus sports betting requirement attached to them. These requirements pop up often for many of the listed betting sites, and they’re fortunately not too hard to understand.

For example, when you see a ten-times rollover requirement, you’ll need to risk ten times your initial deposit to withdraw winnings. Otherwise, you’ll be hit with a penalty. Again, these are common (and often quite large), although some of the sites listed don’t have them.

The next are cash bonuses. Sometimes, companies will add random cash bonuses if you do a specific thing on their website. One day, it might be bet $100 on Tuesdays for $25 in cash or play 20 rounds of poker for $500. They’re constantly changing, but they serve greatly to get people to stay on and look for easy ways to make guaranteed free cash.

The third is reload bonuses, which are bonuses when you refill your balance. Usually, these appear with specific timing and a percent bonus, like the welcome bonuses. So, for example, you might stumble across a company offering a 15% reload bonus on the next $250 supplied, pushing you to put a bit more in for extra credit.

Up next is the sports betting no-deposit bonuses. These bonuses only appear on gambling sites that exclusively don’t require deposits (or at least use tiny ones). In these scenarios, you’ll be greeted with a few dollars due to creating an account.

As you aren’t required to leave a deposit with no-deposit sites, there’s no money for you to bet with at first if you don’t leave a deposit. Companies will then give you a bit of money to learn the site and convince you to deposit some.

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty bonuses are another large option, rewarding consistent users. Most sites with loyalty programs give out a specific number of points per dollar or percentage return, which builds up your standing with the company.

As you spend more, you gain more points, which you can then redeem towards cash, prizes, or other benefits such as discounts or free slots. Loyalty programs are great at rewarding you while keeping your money attached to the company, and some quality ones are beneficial.

Next are free bet bonuses, which are free bets. Often, betting sites present these as a gift after you use your first bet or finish your first game, rewarding the use of their services. It’s also like the seventh type of bonus, match play bonuses, free benefits following a match bet.

Second, to last are bonuses on loss (also known as loss replenish or something along those lines). These bonuses are usually a percent return on your losses, filling some of your losses. Loss bonuses are generally around 10% to 20%, letting you recover while helping the company keep a bit of profit.

And then, lastly, we have high deposit bonuses. So, if you’re a high baller and deposit thousands or bet thousands of dollars, then you might find a few hundred dollars extra in your account after doing so.

More significant deposits and bets for companies mean a bigger chance for a return, meaning you and the company can benefit from high roller bets gaining a bit more.

So, let’s look at the best sport betting bonuses of these six sites:

BetOnline is the first on the list, offering quite many bonuses. However, even though BetOnline has sports betting, live betting, a casino, racebook, poker games, and eSports betting, their rewards aren’t interchangeable. There are quite a few hidden notes and secret prints hidden behind the bonuses, which you’ll see below each category of bonuses:

BetOnline Deposit Bonuses

  1. 50% Sports Betting Welcome Bonus | 50% bonus up to $1,000 on your first deposit
  2. 10% Bitcoin Boost | 10% boost on Bitcoin deposits
  3. 1st Time Crypto Bonus
  4. 100% Casino Welcome Bonus
  5. 100% Poker Welcome Bonus
  6. 25% Sports Reload Bonus
  7. 35% Crypto Reload Bonus

Most of BetOnline’s deposit bonuses come with a restrictive rollover requirement, ranging from 6 times to 15 times. In addition, there are quite a few bans on specific options for deposits, specifically on Skrill and Neteller. You’ll find these pop up quite frequently on SportsBetting, which has many similar issues with T&C.

BetOnline Sportsbook Bonuses

  1. $25 Risk-Free Player Props Wager
  2. Live betting $25 Free Play
  3. Mobile Betting $50 Free Play
  4. Get up to $100 in doubles on knockouts

Sports claims must be routed through, with an account number, betting ticket number, and specific words listed in the subject. You can find these words in the more information section or T&C on specific bonuses through their website.

BetOnline Casino Bonus

  1. 20% Monthly Reload
  2. $1,000,000 in Monthly Prizes
  3. Invite to a $5,000 weekly tournament
  4. 10% Weekly Casino Rebate

Casino bonuses are usually locked behind $25 minimum deposits with $1,000 maximum bonuses, alongside 40-times rollover requirements. BetOnline also locks gains to be used in Betsoft games, alongside specific types of games not being used towards winning rewards.

BetOnline Poker Bonuses

  1. $10,000 in Weekly Shootouts
  2. $100,000 PKO Thanksgiving
  3. Bad Beat Jackpot
  4. New Boost Bad Beat Jackpot
  5. $1 Million Sit and Go

BetOnline poker secret prints are a bit harder to explain, as the bonuses are widespread. Nonetheless, most involve high rollover requirements, and the prize is split between everyone that falls into a particular category. So, for example, a $10,000 prize may become just $500 if 20 people win.

BetOnline Horse Bonuses

  1. Daily 9% Rebates
  2. $25 Risk-Free

Horse bonuses are locked behind the exact requirements as sports’, limiting much of your gains behind high rollover requirements and the necessary email to support to get some rewards. It’s not nearly as great as some bookmaker’s sign-up bonuses, although the 9% rebates add on.

SportsBetting AG is another primary sports betting website, although it’s remarkably like BetOnline. That’s both in the offerings (sports, live betting, casino, live casino, racebook, poker, and eSports) and in the bonuses, identical in many scenarios. Nonetheless, here are SportsBetting’s rewards:

SportsBetting Deposit Bonuses

  1. 50% Sports Betting Welcome Offer
  2. 10% Crypto Boost
  3. 100% 1st Time Crypto Bonus
  4. 35% Crypto Reload Bonus
  5. 25% Sports Reload Bonus
  6. $3,000 Casino Bonus
  7. 100% Bonus on First Deposit

Like BetOnline, most of these bookmaker bonuses rely heavily on minimum deposits and maximum bonuses. In addition, there are secret bans on Skrill and Neteller deposits, and for most of these, you must use a specific promo code. On top of that, much of SportsBetting’s bonuses expire within 30 days and are locked to their service. For many, they’re with a 6 to 15 times rollover requirement.


  1. 200% Up to $200

Refer-a-Friend is only available after a $25 or more initial deposit held for a month or deposited over one time. Additionally, there’s an 80 times rollover on the 5-dollar release intervals.

Sportsbook Offers

  1. $25 Risk-Free Player Props Bet
  2. $25 Free Live In-Game Betting
  3. Mobile Betting $50 Free Play
  4. 20% Weekly eSports Rebate

Most of these bonuses require you to email with your account number, ticket number, and a specific name in the subject. Plus, there’s a 6-time rollover requirement and a 30-day expiration on exclusive losses.


  1. $25 Horse Free Play
  2. Up to 9% Horse Rebate

There’s the exact hidden text as sports, alongside the addition of rebates put into different categories. Fortunately, there’s not much else for SportsBetting’s Racebook.


  1. 20% Monthly Reload
  2. 10% Weekly Casino Rebate
  3. Turbo Tuesday
  4. Live Risk-Free Dealer Bet

Much of this requires the same minimum $25 deposit and maximum $1,000 bonus, with a whopping 40 times rollover requirement. There are also specific locks to Betsoft games and blocks on Baccarat, Roulette, and Craps.


  1. 100% Bonus on First Deposit

The exact requirements to other deposits apply to this, although locked to poker.

Bet365, unlike SportsBetting and BetOnline, focuses primarily on two things: Sports and In-Play. Sports is the company’s sportsbook, with a fun design and pre-game bets. In-Play is live sports betting, which allows you to focus during games. Of course, there is also a Bet365 Casino, but that tops the list. However, compared to quality over quantity here, the opposite occurs for its bonuses:

Special Offers

  1. Open Account Offer | up to $500 in matched Bet Credits (depositing)
  2. NFL Early Payout Offer | straight bets paid out if your team has a 17-point advantage
  3. NCAAF Early Payout Offer | straight bets paid out with, yet again, a 17-point advantage
  4. MLB Early Payout Offer | the same as above, but with five runs in advantages
  5. Multi-Sport Parlay Bonus | earn up to 70% more on your American sports parlays
  6. Tennis Parlay Bonus | up to 70% extra with tennis parlays
  7. 2 Goals Ahead Early Payout Offer | same with the above payout offers, but with two goals ahead
  8. No Score Tie Offer | money back on soccer matches tied at 0 goals
  9. Soccer Substitute Guarantee | if your player is substituted before half-time, bet365 will return your risk in some markets.

Bet365’s restrictions are much lighter than some of BetOnline and SportsBetting’s, although they’re still there. You’ll find bookmakers’ offers full of heavy details on the price requirements needed to fulfill specific criteria in most special requests. However, there’s a notable lack of tricky payouts and rollover requirements. We recommend you visit the individual bonuses yourself if you’re interested in the 20+ point specifics.

Major Sports

  1. NFL, NCAAF, MLB, and Multi-Sport Parlay Bonuses | same as above
  2. CFL Early Payout Offer | payout at a 20-point advantage
  3. WNBA Early Payout Offer | payout at an 18-point advantage
  4. MLB Concession | the best value on game total if a game is called early

Fortunately, significant sports are another vital spot, with the only essential bookmaker’s promotions requirements being the fulfillment criteria, like sports and the like. There is a maximum bonus, although it is commonly a whopping $150,000, which shouldn’t affect too many people. Luckily, there are also no listed rollover requirements.

Other Sports

  1. Tennis, 2 Goals Ahead, Soccer, No Score, and Soccer Substitute Guarantees | same as in special offers
  2. Extra Time Extra Chance | extra chance for rugby matches that go overtime
  3. Each-Way First Goalscorers | 1/3 odds paid out for unlimited places in a 90-minute play
  4. Full-time Result – Enhanced Prices | more outstanding prices on matches including the Champions League, Europa League, and English Premier League
  5. Tennis Retirement Guarantee | guaranteed payback as a winner if your opponent retires hurt

Lastly, with other sports, the requirements are almost non-existent. The restrictions are those listed in the titles, like with the two goals ahead literally requiring the team to be two goals ahead. There are no rollover requirements or any hidden drags.

Cloudbet Bonuses

Cloudbet is one of the first (and leading) cryptocurrency-based sports betting platforms out there, and it’s thanks to its robust sportsbook, casino, and promotions. While there aren’t many bonuses, they’re not very restrictive and are decently rewarding:

  1. Welcome Bonus | up to 5 BTC in 100% bonuses
  2. Tuesday Free Spins | deposit 20 Euros or more on Tuesday for 20 free Volatile Viking spins
  3. 50% Feature Buy-In Discount | 50% discount when buying Free Spins
  4. Thursday Deposit Bonus | 50% bonus on the varying amount by tier
  5. Zero-Margin Sports Bets | zero margin odds on various competitions
  6. Cloudbet Loyalty Club | exclusive benefits depending on points earned

Although Bet365 might have seemed non-restrictive, Cloudbet is even less so. It also has some great bookmakers welcome bonuses. Sure, the company only offers six bonuses (7 if you include a tournament), but there are almost no restrictions. Some rollover requirements are between 15X and 40X for deposit bonuses, but most are straight bonuses.

Bovada Promotions

Bovada is one of the top US betting sites, offering a sportsbook, casino, live dealer, poker games, and horse betting, all legalized within the US of A. In addition, the company’s Bovada Rewards program is well-known for its hefty rewards, although these are all available:

  1. Bitcoin Welcome Bonus | use code BTCCWB1250 on the first deposit for a 200% bonus, then code BTC2NDCWB for 2nd and 3rd
  2. $750 Bitcoin Sports Welcome Bonus | 75% match bonus up to $750 with BTC, LTC, BCH, or BSV deposits using code BTCSWB750 (5X rollover requirement)
  3. $3,750 Bitcoin Casino Welcome Bonus | 125% bonus up to $1,250 on 1st-3rd deposits on above cryptos, using code BTCCWB1250 (25X then 50X playthrough requirement) then BTC2NDCWB
  4. Refer a Friend | referrals on $20+ deposits, at 200% bonus up to $100 (5X to 30X rollover requirements)
  5. Bovada Rewards | earn points for spending money
  6. $250 Sports Welcome Bonus | first deposit for 50% bonus up to $250, with 5X or 30X rollover requirements
  7. $3,000 Casino Welcome Bonus | 100% match bonus up to $1,000 with code CAWELCOME100 then 100% match up to $1,000 with code BV2NDCWB (25X playthrough requirement)
  8. 100% Poker Welcome Bonus | using code PWB500, 100% bonus up to $500

Bovada has quite a few high-strength best sportsbook bonuses, although it also comes with upwards of 30 times rollover requirements as part of its bookmakers welcome promotions. Fortunately, that’s partially offset by the sheer size of some of these, although not entirely. There’s also a consistent 30-day expiration time, and many of these bonuses are only on four cryptocurrencies.

FortuneJack Offers

FortuneJack is another sports betting site, focusing much more heavily on casino games, offering sports betting, dice games, casino games, a live casino, and provably fair games. Unfortunately, the company is still growing its rewards and bonuses, even though they’ve been around since 2014. Nonetheless, some are pretty good:

Sportsbook Promotions

  1. Majestic 7 | guess seven goalscorers to win part of a $10k jackpot (if two people succeed, it’s 5K each, three is 3.33, etc.). The only requirement is you verify your account if you win.
  2. 4+1 | after every 4th bet, you’ll receive a free bet worth the average stake amount of the last 4

Sports bonuses from FortuneJack are lenient, offering some decent rewards without too many drawbacks. Fortunately, I can’t seem to find anything on rollover requirements, which happens to be a great sign for those looking to claim their prizes. Nonetheless, there are a few rules, although it’s usually just standard T&C stuff.


  1. Miami Garage | status points mean greater cashback and reload bonuses
  2. Higher Stakes | at 0.15 BTC deposits, gain 25% insurance
  3. Reload Bonus | when bankroll is low, reload for up to 50% bonus, and 3.5 BTC or 400 USD
  4. VIP | complete rewards to get 25% cashback and 45% cashback atop repeating extras

Loyalty rewards are, well, loyalty-based, meaning that most of the restrictions come from where you can earn rewards. However, there are some limits on offerings, with some games being prohibited and the like, although FortuneJack says the specifics in bonuses’ “More Info.”


  1. Registration 50 Free Spins | 50 free spins for verifying the account, although the earnings can only be taken after you’ve deposited the same amount
  2. 20% Cashback on 1st Deposit | 20% cashback or 110% up to 1.5 BTC on the first deposit of 0.002 BTC or 20 USD
  3. Monthly 15% Cashback | up to 15% back on losses during a month with a minimum deposit of 0.1 BTC (80% of the deposit must be lost, and cashback is suitable for ten days)

FortuneJack’s bookmakers’ welcome offers are the most prohibitive of the bonuses they offer, requiring specific conditions and terms to be met before you can gain your money. However, there still don’t seem to be many rollover requirements, although there are issues with the cashback and free spins’ conditions.


Changing tournaments and the like are available under casino. It varies wildly, although it’s usually a slot or casino game with the chance to win money if you place well within a tournament.

Finding the Hidden Print

The most important thing of a betting site’s bonuses isn’t the reward — instead, it’s the hidden print. Rollover requirements, secret emails, and more are all hidden behind a small button labeled “More Info” or “Terms and Conditions.”

It’s essential to check these beforehand to see what you need to do to get bonuses confirmed. Even if you visit one of your top sports betting bonuses, it could be a poor deal with the T&C.

After all, some companies require you to do specific things at specific times to earn part of a prize. So, if you check the info beforehand and follow much of this guide, you’ll be able to skip out on the lowered bonus or claim more for yourself.

For BetOnline AG, as an example, you must visit Promos then press “Read More.” This leads you to a page where you must press “Terms and Conditions” to read what you need to do.

There’s a lot of information hidden, and it’s vital to do your research and use this guide to put your potential bonuses to their highest potential.

Sports betting sign-up bonuses may seem like all fun and no risk at first, but you’ll find there are more than enough requirements and restrictions to make it a much more intensive process.

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