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Bingo sites not on GamStop are important for players from the United Kingdom and are among the most ...

Bingo is one of the oldest games we know of — in fact, rumors go back to the 1500s and an Italian lottery game. Yet, even though it’s one of the most popular betting games and lotteries, only recently have the newest bingo sites popped up online.

We at have seen the online sports betting craze continue from its roots in the early 90s, although bingo sites just came into being in 1996. Since then, it’s taken a while to kick up some momentum, even though it’s much more prominent now than it was a few decades ago, with billions bet every year and thousands of new bingo sites including bingo sites not on GamStop.

Nonetheless, that also means thousands of bingo sites across the internet, each with similar services, games, and the bingo thread in common.

The Bingo Rewards

So, like with other online betting sites, bingo sites have started to offer some decently rewarding offers and bonuses. These vary significantly between websites, with some great offers and not-so-fantastic options.

That’s along expanding free bingo sites’ services to include casinos, board games, and other possible betting options past the now-standard sports betting and bingo sheets.

With so many options from a quickly growing list to choose from, we’ve collected five of our favorites. These favorites have short descriptions of their services, alongside all their current bonuses and some information on the specifics.

What’s on Most Bingo Sites?

Well, it depends. Most online bingo sites have their selection of bingo cards, with ranging designs, difficulty, and size, although many sites have expanded recently. Now, you can find slots, an online casino, jackpot games, and, of course, your favorite bingo options.

Things have grown significantly since the 90s, although most sites have found that combining the above four works well. Most bingo websites focus on providing a quality bingo experience, adding a few casino games to play, some decent slots to offer, and growing jackpots.

However, things have stagnated a bit regarding diversifying these companies’ services, meaning that most change has started to appear in promotions and offers. Also known as bonuses, these are the big rewards and starting deposits that you’ll likely find in advertisements online.

While many love bingo offers and others find them too good to be true, it’s a mixture of the two. These are some great deals to be seen, but only if you know exactly what you’re getting into.

If you don’t, you’ll likely find yourself around 30-time rollover requirements and short expiration times. We’ll go a bit more into that in a minute, although it’s crucial to keep those terms in mind when visiting bingo sites with bonuses.

Types of Bingo Promotions, Bonuses, and Offers

Although there are more than seven types of bingo bonuses, there are seven significant types that you’ll likely find yourself close to at one point or another on the best online bingo sites.

These have specific conditions and criteria you need to fulfill to get them, even though they’re also self-explanatory.

Deposit Offers

For example, deposit offers (or welcome bonuses) are bonuses you get for depositing money or being welcomed to the site.

These are generally available after you’ve put a certain amount of money into your bingo account or after you’re successfully part of a bingo site. However, there are a few hidden conditions with some rollover requirements and high deposits required.

Rollover Requirements

Rollover requirements are the real fun-killer for most people, requiring you to bet or play that much money to get your bonus.

For example, if there’s a 30X or 30 times rollover requirement, you’ll need to bet 30 times the bonus amount to get your money.

So, if you have $100 locked, that means $3,000 in plays are necessary to get your $100. Unfortunately, the best bingo online sites don’t have any rollover requirements, making them rare.

Specific Rules

Unfortunately, that’s not the end of that, as deposit bonuses can also be locked behind specific games or events. While some sites allow you to take your earnings in cash after you’ve completed your rollover requirements, others have you needing to use it on a specific game set.

That’s partially why the second promotion type, free bingo rooms, also exist. After creating an account, you might find an open bingo room for you to play in for anywhere between 24 hours, five days, and a week.

These accessible rooms are, well, free, allowing you to play for a bit of winning without needing to put any money in. This reason is why free bingo rooms are also called no-deposit bonuses on occasion, as you don’t necessarily need a deposit to play, and they’re on no deposit bingo sites.

Free Offers

However, some free offers require you to play a specific amount or wager a particular bit of money to access them. In these cases, they’re not nearly as accurately “bingo sites with no deposits” as before, so be careful when you see these offerings.

Leaderboards are the third type, letting you play for free, gathering points and potential winnings. Unfortunately, leaderboards are often trapped behind paid bingo games/boards, although there are occasionally free ones with smaller rewards. Luckily, all you must do is win to win, so that’s a benefit.

That’s like the fourth of the bingo bonuses, loyalty points/VIP programs. These allow you to earn points for every dollar or amount you bet/spend/wager, converting into prizes, benefits, and cash after a while.

In addition, most programs let you earn a specific amount of cashback, discounting, or extra bonuses once you reach a level. However, others allow you to deposit more, withdraw a little faster, and do other helpful but less than necessary tasks. So again, it all comes down to the generosity of the site you’re on.

Free Spins

Free games or spins are the fifth promos, obviously being free games. We also include spins, as bingo sites often have casinos and slots as a side option. It’s cheaper to include slots, as there are no guarantees of winning, unlike bingo boards, where someone will eventually win. Nonetheless, they’re still great rewards, helping you take advantage of some other programs on a site.

Up next are scratch cards, which bingo sites oddly (but fittingly) offer against bingo cards. In cases where you’re able to use a scratch card, it will likely come down to how often, reliably, and consistently you spend on a site.

For example, some bingo sites will give you one point for every day you bet, rewarding a discount or something beneficial after 7 points (or a week) before continuing. Scratch cards are usually an excellent way to get free stuff if you play on these sites often.

However, that leads us to number seven: boxes. Like the ‘loot boxes’ found in video games, these boxes have the chance to reward you with some fantastic prizes. However, they also could give you nothing. That’s why many sites provide them as a bonus, providing a chance to win big without giving away any physical gifts.

And, with those out of the way, let’s look at these five bingo sites.

The Sun Bingo

Sun Bingo, also known as SunBingo, is one of the top UK bingo sites, regulated, licensed, and approved by many boards and commissions. However, this little fact also reveals that the sites on this list do not make it in the best USA bingo sites for the same reason. Nonetheless, SunBingo’s high regulation is in addition to its bingo selection, slots games, casino, and community tab.

SunBingo is a popular option, thanks in part to its wide selection of offers and promotions, which the company continuously updates as time goes on.


  1. Welcome Offer | £50 bingo bonus + 50 free spins
    1. must deposit and spend £10 on bingo tickets
    2. 30 times rollover requirement on spins and four times on bingo bonus
    3. 48-hour and 7-day expiration
  2. Learner Room | seven days of free bingo from 12-2 pm and 6-8 pm
    1. 7-day payout period
    2. max of 6 tickets per game per player
  3. The Sun Bingoboard | match 3 for the chance to win free spins or £100
  4. Triple Loyalty Points | enter promo code and win 3X loyalty points for every £1 spent
    1. use code TRIPLE1 on Tuesdays and TRIPLE2 on Thursdays
    2. tiers decide how many points your receive
    3. 90-day expiration
  5. It’s Beginning | use code FESTIVE for one entry on each £10 spent
    1. One prize per player if won
    2. £1,000 Daily Free Bingo | 90 free bingo games per day in Cabaret
    3. max of 24 tickets per game per player
  6. All-Winners Club | £3,000 in weekly payouts
    1. Five times rollover requirement
    2. maximum of 72 tickets per day
  7. Daily Scratch Card | up to £10 per day
    1. play a Free Scratch Card game to obtain the prize, with 1 per day
    2. must wager at least £1 on the day of winning
  8. Session Bingo | 12 bingo tickets for one discounted price
    1. no conditions

SunBingo has the most extensive promotions list on this, well, list, although it’s also one of the most oppressive. There’s a lack of bonus bingo no deposit bonus codes, as each requires a deposit, and there are some heavy requirements.

After all, the company provides upward of a 30 times rollover requirement, which is incredibly high. Moreover, for the free £10 bonus, you’ll have to deposit and play a whopping £300. Nevertheless, there are still some great deals if you scout out well, although many have vital needs.

Mecca Bingo

Mecca Bingo is a conglomerate of a bingo site with bonuses, offering bingo, slots, a casino, jackpots, raffles, and clubs wrapped into one website. It’s impressive, especially along with its pretty vast selection of deals and promotions.

The company has constantly changed deals and promotions, meaning that there are likely a few different ones by the time you make it to their website. Either way, here are the ones as of writing:

  1. Free Bingo | over £800 in daily free prizes
    1. verification required
  2. Premiere Jackpot | wins up to £70,000
    1. play a room with a crown for the chance to win
  3. Catch the Cash | watch a game and have the opportunity to win up to £30,000
    1. the top individual prize is £5,000
    2. use one of the rotating bingo bonus codes, like FRIDAY, on a specific day between 8 and 10 pm
  4. Penny Lane 1P | play for £4,000 on Penny Lane games (1p each)
    1. the top individual prize is £500
    2. enter the name of the day for the code on that day (Monday for Monday, Tuesday for Tuesday)
    3. picked at random
  5. Leading Event Bingo | play for £8,000 with Main Event games
    1. the max individual prize is £500
  6. Mecca Fortune | £10,000 tournament games on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
    1. individual awards for each promotion game listed on the fortune game
  7. Catch the Cash Free | win up to £100 with free daily Catch the Cash games
    1. winnings credited in cash
    2. 3,000 entries randomly selected
  8. Catch the Cash Premium | win up to £1,000 with £10 in daily cash spent
    1. £10 bet minimum the previous day
    2. 7-day expiration
    3. One times rollover requirement

Mecca Bingo has a varied and quite large selection of promotions, although they’re dependent on constantly changing codes depending on the day. While that means you can still earn a bit of money, it also guarantees that you’ll have to scout out the company’s T&C pages every time you want to win something.

MrQ Bingo

MrQ Bingo is the most mobile-centric provider on this list. In all, the company’s site gives access to bingo, games, a providers list, mobile slots, and a mobile casino. That’s also why there’s a verify portable option, with one of the easiest bingo for money sign up bonuses known to man:

  1. Deposit Bonus | 20 free spins after the first £10 deposit
    1. reels are for Fishin’ Frenzy Megaways only
    2. the maximum stake is 10p
    3. 48-hour expiration
  2. Free For All | free bingo for 24 hours after registration
    1. can claim six bingo tickets for each of the 20 Free for All bingo rooms within 24 hours after verification
  3. Drops & Wins | £2.5 million in cash prizes split across tournaments and prize drops
    1. bet of £0.50 required beforehand
    2. there’s a rotating, specific list of qualifying games every month
    3. the top maximum prize is £10,000 per week
  4. Verify Mobile | ten free spins after verifying phone number and age
    1. Ten free spins for Midas Golden Touch
    2. a maximum value of 10p per free spin
    3. 7-day expiration
  5. Refer a Friend | ten spins for every friend who joins and spend £10
    1. Ten free spins for Fishin’ Frenzy Megaways
    2. a maximum value of 10p per spin
    3. 7-day expiration

While MrQ Bingo doesn’t have any rollover requirements that we’ve seen, that’s partly because the highest value for a reward is 10p per spin. However, the significant point is that the company hands out £2.5 million in total cash prizes across tournaments. The sheer quantity of games and regular free bingo is another great thing for new players, although the benefits wear down for existing players.

Heart Bingo

Up fourth is Heart Bingo, which has bingo games, slots, jackpots, a casino, game shows, Slingo, and an advent wheel to boot. That’s a lot, so it’s a little surprising to see that the site only offers five unique promotions. Nonetheless, some of them are pretty good, although you’ll have to make your judgment call:

  1. Deposit Bonus | spend £10 for 500 free tickets and 25 free spins
    1. spins valued at £0.20, tickets at £0.01 to £0.10
    2. 7-day expiration
  2. Heart Bonanza | free to play daily games with free rewards
    1. select six hearts a day in Heart Bonanza, and win prizes for matching 3+ symbols
    2. available for 14 days after registration or launch, 7-day expiration
    3. spins and tickets valued at the same as the deposit bonus
  3. Newbie Room | after 1p or more spent, £1,000 in cash prizes open in the 5-day Newbie Room
    1. Two free sessions per day, with 5 of each allowed in the five days
  4. 2nd Deposit Bonus | deposit and spend £10 on selected slot games for 200 free spins and 200 free bingo tickets
    1. only within seven days of creating your account
    2. ticket and spin values identical to deposit bonus.’
    3. 7-day expiration
    4. PayPal deposits excluded
  5. Deluxe Box | spend £10 on a game (Bingo Room or Slot Games) for a deluxe box
    1. boxes have free spins, tickets, and cash, worth the same as all the other Heart Bingo values
    2. 7-day expiration
    3. must opt-in first

Interestingly, for many of Heart Bingo’s promotions, you’ll have to go out of your way to find the promotion first. Then, afterward, you’ll have to log in to opt-in. Fortunately, though, after those steps, the site guides you through the process to get your bonus without really any restrictions. That’s impressive for the variety of games, although it’s not too hard to see compared to the other sites on this list, however, especially with the lack of general rollover requirements. Unfortunately, it’s also one of our only listed to be bingo with free bonus no deposit options available.

Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo is our last site, and it’s one of the most stylish out there, combining a great website with bingo rooms, slots & games, a casino, Slingo, sass pots, and its Gala Rewards program. The company has won more than a dozen rewards and is likely one of the biggest on this list. Unfortunately, that also means the company has to offer fewer rewards to ensure everyone doesn’t run them dry. Still, here are the ones we found:

  1. £50 Welcome Bingo Bonus | 1st deposit with £10 spent on bingo gives a £50 bonus
    1. 7-day expiration
    2. Four times rollover requirement
  2. Calendar | varying calendar shows free daily gift boxes
    1. available under the Promos tab
    2. one box per day
    3. £5K cash prize is a draw among all eligible players
    4. ticket value is £0.01 and £0.02
    5. 1-day expiration
  3. Bingo Bundles | for £10 to £30, get tickets to the £50K Superlinks Games
    1. £10 for six tickets, £20 for 12, and so forth
    2. after claiming one bundle, you can’t use another
    3. the total prize pool is £50k, split among all participants
  4. Daily £2,000 Free Bingo | free bingo with the chance to win up to £2,000
    1. must enter at changing times listed under Promos page
    2. individual winnings cap at around £20
    3. Six tickets per player per game
  5. 52 Lives Charity Bingo | buy tickets to win prizes and Gala donates profits to charity
    1. 20p per ticket, up to 72 tickets per player per game
  6. Pick-a-Pressie | stake £20 on selected slots for the chance to win cash, free spins, or draw entries
    1. spins valued at £0.01 to £0.10
    2. 30-day delivery for tangible prizes
  7. Gala Rewards | earn points to earn prizes and rewards
    1. ten tiers with differing rewards
    2. a total of seven unique and constantly revolving promotions are locked under the 9th and 10th tier
    3. the 10th tier is invite-only, with 6-10 being only available for players 25 and older
    4. One deposit point = £40 deposited
    5. maximum 20 deposit points per month (£800 worth of deposits)

Final Thoughts on Gala Bingo

Gala Bingo is one of the biggest sites on this list, although it also happens to be one of the most restrictive. The six online bingo bonuses (and rewards programs) the company offers are heavily limited by short expiration dates, going as low as one day. Fortunately, some of these deals are ubiquitous rather than high paying, meaning you’ll have more chances to make less money than one chance to make a lot. That helps balance the risk-to-reward a bit more, especially when including the points system and benefits.

Doing the Research

Although these are the rewards and promotions listed for some of our top picks, countless more websites have numerous more online bingo promos. In addition, even among this list, some of these promotions change by the day, meaning there’s a high chance it won’t be the same for you.

Terms and Conditions

That’s why it’s crucial to check its Terms and Conditions whenever you consider an online bingo site’s rewards, offers, promotions, bonuses, or more. Also known as T&C, this list of requirements and details concerning the prize. Without the T&C, you might not find hidden codes necessary to earn rewards, required deposits, maximums, minimums, and more.

Thankfully, they’re usually available within a few clicks. If you can find the website’s Promos, Promotions, Bonuses, or Offerings page, click it, and make your way down to the Bingo options or the complete list. Once that appears, you can click Read More or Terms and Conditions (T&C) to read more.

When doing so, it’s best to check for rollover requirements (explained at the beginning), minimums, expiration dates, maximum bonuses, and a few other things we touched on in this list’s lists.