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bet365 (officially uncapitalized) is one of the leading online betting platforms currently available, having racked up millions of users since its founding in 2000. As one of the older betting platforms, bet365 has had more than its fair share of innovation and releases. Owned by the Coates Family, bet365 has stayed with its billionaire owners since its inception, leading it to have had a pretty steady existence.

The company currently offers four main categories: sports, in-play, Casino, and extra. It’s one of the most popular options for any of those options, though, probably helped by the fact that “bet” makes up 1/2 of their full name. Anyway, with bet365 being one of the most popular betting options currently out there, is it any good?

Let’s find out with this bet365 review (as a warning, this is being written in the United States, meaning that offers, sports, and other offerings are likely different where you are — just a head-up, although the rest of the review still applies.

Who is bet365?

According to the company’s website, bet365 is “the world’s favorite online sports betting brand.” They employ over 5,000 employees, with a whopping 63 million global customers. Having been around since 2000, that wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

bet365, as mentioned, has four primary services that they provide, built off of their licensed and regulated platform, designed from the bottom up. Overall, they’re an incredibly well-known brand, and if you live in Europe, you’ve likely seen at least one of their ads. In addition, they’re licensed in New Jersey, even for the Americas, meaning they’re also accessible in the US. So, let’s start this bet365 review with the company’s first service: sports.

Bet365 Review, Sports?

bet365 sports is the company’s sportsbook, which allows you to bet on thousands of games across dozens of sports. There’s quite a variety available, and it’s the first thing you’ll see when accessing That’s for a good reason, though, as sportsbook betting is one of the most popular.


And is bet365’s any good? Yeah, it is. I counted 44 unique options along the side (ignoring odds on the list), which is remarkable. Most other competitors either have no sportsbook or offer between 20 and 30 unique options. Bet365 has 44. You have the basics like basketball, baseball, football (American and international), racing, and more, alongside eSports, Gaelic sports, snooker, and world specials.

Overall, there’s just about everything you’d want or need. Immediately opening up the site, everything’s quickly laid out. You can see some of the biggest upcoming games divided into their games, both pre-and-during games — that’s right, bet365 offers in-play and pre-game betting. With the chance to bet on the outcome or specifics of a game, there’s variety at bet365.

There is a bit of crowding on the front page, and it can be a bit hard to see what you need to do. You have the entire list of sports on the left, but there are also recent games on the right and an option to search and tab between sports and in-play at the top. It’s a little messy and unorganized, but it’s still pretty good, especially considering the options at bet365’s sportsbook.


It’s weird but understandable that bet365 has in-play and sports in their sections. They’re both betting on the same sportsbook, but oddly enough, they’re in their areas. That’s why I had mentioned them separately earlier, although they’ve both under sports in this specific section.

Anyway, in play’s a bit more involved than sports, and I like it. Immediately, you can see the top game at the top (ironically), and you can see a mock board of the game’s court/field/etc., alongside a bunch of statistics. It’s intuitive, and I like it.

There’s a live game between Air Force and New Mexico in American football in this specific situation, and I can immediately catch up on the game. Statistics are quick, letting me know that Air Force is somehow up 31-nothing against New Mexico, thanks to 253 rush yards, 49 attempts, 50 plays, and a 50% 3rd down efficiency.

Happily, it continues — goes to any other sport, and you’ll see the same thing. There will be information on the current game, some stats, and a live board for you to watch to keep upon. Games are listed in the middle, and the whole thing is charming. You can tell that bet365 believes in providing the best experience for the customer since this is, in my opinion, their best product. From the UI alone, I’d almost ignore sports entirely for in-play. Really.

What is bet365 Casino?

Up next, we have bet365 Casino. While it’s a mess on PC, there’s a specific app called “bet365 Casino,” which lets you access everything casino-related. Let me go out of the way and say, definitely use the app over the browser. It’s so much better.

Anyway, in terms of content, bet365 has quite a bit. They’ve existed for several decades, and they’ve had time to plan for and create precisely what they want. Sure, it’s a little chaotic, but it’s still decent. The company has seven original casino games, a few dozen video slots, bonus slots, a jackpot, six arcade games, and around a dozen table and card games.

Overall, it’s a decent selection, even if it’s arranged a little weirdly. I’d have done it differently if I had the choice, although it’s still manageable. Everything’s just everywhere, and there’s a weird misaligned-Mosaic-esque thing going on, and it’s hard to look past. Other than that, everything looks fine. bet365 doesn’t have any open unless you create an account, though, which might be an issue to a few.

What are bet365 Extras?

Oddly, they’re bet365 bonuses. Yeah, they’re an entire section which seems like they’d be more games, but they’re the bonuses. Luckily, I usually write about rewards in this section, so it works out in the end. Anyway, this isn’t available to access from bet365 casino, meaning that you’ll have to go home then press the easily accessible extras button to view them. Peculiar that way, but whatever.

In total, bet365 has extras in three categories: unique offers, major sports, and other sports. In special offers, bet365 includes:

  • Open Account Offer | up to $500 in matched Bet Credits (depositing);
  • NFL Early Payout Offer | straight bets paid out if your team has a 17-point advantage;
  • NCAAF Early Payout Offer | straight bets paid out with, yet again, a 17-point advantage;
  • MLB Early Payout Offer | the same as above, but with five runs in advantages;
  • Multi-Sport Parlay Bonus | earn up to 70% more on your American sports parlays;
  • Tennis Parlay Bonus | up to 70% extra with tennis parlays;
  • 2 Goals Ahead Early Payout Offer | same with the above payout offers, but with two goals ahead;
  • No Score Tie Offer | money back on soccer matches tied at 0 goals;
  • Soccer Substitute Guarantee | if your player is substituted before half-time, bet365 will return your risk in some markets.

Other Rewards

  • NFL, NCAAF, MLB, and Multi-Sport Parlay Bonuses | same as above;
  • CFL Early Payout Offer | payout at a 20-point advantage;
  • WNBA Early Payout Offer | payout at an 18-point advantage;
  • MLB Concession | the best value on game total if a game is called early.

Lastly, in “other sports,” bet365 has:

  • Tennis, 2 Goals Ahead, Soccer, No Score, and Soccer Substitute Guarantees | same as in special offers;
  • Extra Time Extra Chance | extra chance for rugby matches that go overtime;
  • Each-Way First Goalscorers | 1/3 odds paid out for unlimited places in the 90-minute play;
  • Full-time Result – Enhanced Prices | more outstanding prices on matches including the Champions League, Europa League, and English Premier League;
  • Tennis Retirement Guarantee | guaranteed payback as a winner if your opponent retires hurt.

Overall, there are many bonuses, although most of them are quality-of-life bonuses on existing sports. It would be nice if there were a loyalty program or a few more extras, although, with the size of bet365, it wouldn’t be surprising if that cost too much to be efficient.

What Payout/Withdrawal Options and Payment Methods Does bet365 Offer?

This bet365 review will not be completed if we don’t mention their maximum and minimum deposit options. In total, there are nine unique deposit options allowed by bet365 right now. As a head-up, all of these have 0 fees and are processed instantly. Anyway, these nine includes (with minimums and maximums):

  1. Debit Cards (Maestro, Visa Debit, Mastercard) | $10 and $30,000;
  2. Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard) | $10 and $30,000;
  3. Online Banking | $10 and $10,000;
  4. PayPal | $10 and $10,000;
  5. bet365 Mastercard | $10 and $5,000;
  6. PayNearMe | $10 and $500;
  7. Skrill | $10 and $38,000;
  8. Paysafecard | $10 and $1,000;
  9. Cash | $10 and $30,000.

As for withdrawal/payout options, they’re a bit more complicated. Bet365 only offers seven, which offer no fees, but include (with process time, minimum, and maximums):

  1. Online Banking | 1-5 banking days, $10 and $10,000;
  2. bet365 Mastercard | instant, $5 and $5,000;
  3. Debit Cards | 1-5 banking days, $10 and $30,000;
  4. Credit Cards | 1-5 banking days, $10 and $30,000;
  5. PayPal | within 24 hours, $10 and $10,000;
  6. Skrill | within 24 hours, $10 and $38,000;
  7. Cash | instant, $1 to $30,000.

In total, there’s a good selection, although cryptocurrencies and smaller payment options are missing. If you’re looking to pay with cryptocurrencies, then bet365 isn’t for you, although there are some benefits with what they offer anyway.

That includes the bet365 Mastercard, which lets you quickly deposit and use your bet365 account money. It’s conducive for people who use bet365 a lot and want to spend their money quickly, nearly anywhere they go. It’s not as widespread as many other options, though, meaning that the general methods still work pretty well.

How is bet365’s Website and/or App?

As mentioned, the company’s website is fine. Unfortunately, it’s not great for the standard sportsbook or the Casino, although it’s still workable. It’s also weird that bonuses disappear entirely when you move into the Casino, although it’s understandable.

They could improve a few things along the way as they continue to innovate, although in-play isn’t one of them. It’s very well laid out and holds so much information in an easy-to-understand manner. The way that everything is quickly laid out and is straightforward proves to be incredibly useful.

The same thing applies to the bet365 casino app. Bet365 review is with 4.4 stars, especially considering that it’s the proper way to play the company’s casino games. However, I wouldn’t recommend you use the website to do so, thinking everything’s shoved together in a mosaic layout, and it’s very chaotic. In addition, there isn’t a search option, many filters, and not much information on the games. On the other hand, you have greater access to the app, and bet365’s games are better controlled with the touchscreen.

As such, I’m stuck between two opinions: in-play and the mobile app (Casino, no sportsbook) is fantastic, although the rest of the website and the other app are okay. They’re not terrible by any means, but there’s not much that’s strictly great about them. I’d still lean towards good, though, considering just how much people seem to be addicted to the layout of bet365’s in-play offerings. They’re just that objectively good, apparently, at least.

Is bet365 Safe and Legit, and What are Player’s Opinions?

Yes, bet365 is safe and legit. In the company’s own about us page, they mention that they’re licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (again, in America), following simple wallet systems with encryption. The website’s complete with an SSL certificate and encryption, meaning that your data is secure.

They also have contact us, responsible gaming, privacy policy, sports rules, terms and conditions, complaints procedure, DGE, house rules, and player protection pages at the bottom of the website. With that, you’ll be able to find information about virtually anything you want. That included gambling problem hotlines, which show bet365 is dedicated to ensuring that it’s following rules, which is excellent for you and me.

As for player opinions, it seems pretty good. Yes, of course, the company has terrible Trustpilot reviews, although that’s the case with literally most other gambling companies. As a result, people break the rules, misunderstand something such as verification or some bonus rules or get their bet365 account restricted which leads to their funds being liquidated or just losing the money. While bet365 review is terrible, that’s because only people who have negative things to say will go out of their way to tell them. Other reviewers and players (plus I!) are satisfied with bet365 and don’t have anything wrong with them.

The company’s apps (bet365 – Sportsbook and bet365 Casino) have three stars out of 210 reviews and 4.4 stars out of 351 reviews, respectively, which are good. Of course, the full benefit of having the entire website available on the go is automatically a point towards bet365. Overall, things look good, are reliable, and the poor reviews are the same with other notable and not-sketchy betting websites.

Final Thoughts on Bet365 Review

Bet365 is a great option to bet on. It’s in the name, and with over 20 years in the industry, they’ve built up a great website with some quality behind it. Although the in-play makes up for it, things are a little iffy across bet365’s general sportsbook and Casino.

Again, I’m just going to say the in-play section is worth signing up for bet365 alone. So even if you’re a beginner, advanced, or don’t care about any of the company’s other offerings, it’s worth signing up for the in-play alone. It looks that great.

Additionally, you have the quality of bet365’s Casino on your phone, which honestly looks better than it does on a computer. Even though that’s a point against the company, with its crowded interface, it’s still pretty good, and the quality of the actual products more than makeup for it. Overall, things are lovely, and they’re straightforward to understand. I’m still obsessed with in-play, though, and it’s worth checking out the whole website for. And with that, I’d recommend you check out bet365, whether you’re a beginner or advanced better, no matter what part of the website you’re interested in. Or the app too, there’s that.

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